i'm 22.

um yeah. how did that happen? lol :)

i kept forgetting it was my birthday today. is that happens when you start getting old? hehe.

went out with some buddies to gordon biersch for garlic fries and drinks.

my photos were kind of ehhhh. but here they are anyway.

stopped by a nearby frozen yogurt place afterwards, where everyone in the store proceeded to sing me happy birthday. can we say...dying of embarrassment (thanks LINH)? i guess it was all worth it because i ended up with a coupon for a free yogurt. hehe.

(this guy had skills. he was FAST. apparently he used to be a drummer.)

it was a good day :)

- to brian, chris, david, amy and linh for taking me out.
- to april and scarlett for the package.
- for all the phone calls, facebook wall posts and myspace comments.
- the posts on 2Ps and scrapinstyle (esp. to breanne and celeste.
- all the cards from the DD girls.
- to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :)

(i sound like i just accepted an oscar. or something)

you all made my day :)

some random weekend scrapping -

for HMITM.

(i found a new source of inspiration in my high school yearbook. good stuff in there. this was inspired by what judy wrote, but there were a lot of hilarious things in there that would make a good scrapbook page.)

oh, and my news may have something to do with this.
looks fabulous :D
more on that later.


Christen said…
Even I was embarrassed when the frozen yogurt people singing!

Awesome blueberry photo btw.
leewoodside said…
Happy Birthday!
april said…
Happy Birthday! Glad you liked your present!
Ali M said…
Happy Belated bday Caroline!!!
jill s said…
happy late birthday!!
Alison said…
happy birthday sweetness!
Leah said…
happpy birthday! and is that coldstone i see? yumm....
Kristi Sauer said…
Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a good one!
Tina said…
Happy Birthday!
nichole said…
Glad you had a great birthday girlie! The frozen yogurt looks delish!
And woop woop on your *news!* You will rock it! ;)
tessa'en said…
Happy birthday from Norway!
Janeal said…
Well Happy Birthday. Sounds like a great birthday. I have done that before where I forgot my birthday. LOL! Yup! That is age for you. Just wait until your in your 30's you will hope you forget your Birthday. LOL! Sorry just had to say that. Congrats!

The yogurt looks YUMMY!!

Great pics and great layouts!
SarahB said…
Happy belated birthday! Glad you had such a fun day!
Happy b-day! I really love your LOs in this post - off to hunt down your gallery :)
Anonymous said…
Glad you had a great birthday! I was actually embarrassed for you when the whole store including the customers started to sing for you! But it was fun. :]

Oh, no worries, my photos came out like poop too and I had a flash unit! :[

Now what are we going to do for my birthday? Oh I know! Club Rouge! <3
Victoria said…
Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a blast!
Natalie said…
The even years are always the best.
Trust me on that one!
jess said…

looks like you had great fun!!!

Also, I love your funky layouts!!!

Xx Jess
Happy 22d! Hope you made some great memories today.
EK said…
Happy happy birthday to YOU!
amy said…
RoriK said…
Happy Birthday Girl!!!!!
Jessica F said…
*HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!* You are a lil baby ;) Hope you had a fabulous day!
amyj said…
just had to tell you - you seem totally adorable, and your layouts are wonderful.
Hope you had a great birthday.
Jocelyn said…
happy late birthday, darling!
Pound said…
happy birthday!!! even though i'm late, but i really wasn't late, just to the blog =P

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