it's officially summer for me now.
and then it's a few random classes in september, then off to san diego in january for part two of my college journey.
even though this first part took me waaaay too long.

another studio calico sneak peek:

april has a cool RAK going on her blog, so check it out. scarlet has some fun stuff on her blog, too.

speaking of things to check out...have you seen the american crafts blog yet? there's a giveaway going on there, too.

finished a mini which is posted here.
inspired by the "day in the life" blog entry which was inspired by skulls, which also has cool things going on.

things to do before friday:
- cut hair (i've only been saying this for the last 3 months)
- digi scrap (times 3)
- post office (BLECH)

okay, i guess my list isn't very long. but i forget things.

this weekend shall be packed:
- helping out jessica sprague at CKU on friday. if you see me there, say hi :) i don't bite.
- san diego (i think) for my friend's graduation
- family thing sunday.

my camera should get a workout.

anyhow. have a good one :)


april said…
Have fun with Jessica at CKU---did I even need to say that??

Love the sneaky peeky!
Rita Weiss said…
thanks for the link to studio calico (cool name...will visit ;) have a fun time at CKU! wish you were in nh. you could work with me for the summer :)!!
Ali M said…
Can't wait to see what you come up with! Have fun at CKU.. and now that you are out of school for Summer.
have fun at cku!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh whatever! You're just as dirty as we are!
Alison said…
awesome post girl
fabulous sneaks
fabulous links
Natalie said…
Love the sneak peak!
Can't wait to see more.
Have a blast at CKU!!
Michelle said…
WOW! Sounds like you have a lot going on.. can't wait to hear and see pictures.... have a great time at CKU.

Yup.. I know what you mean about getting a haircut. I've been going on about mine for months too! LOL!
scrapcat said…
thanks for the sneak peeks!
i already signed up!
can't wait to see your pages!
i told you that i have problems with sneak peeks right?

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