dim sum, wal-mart, bubbles and courier people. (and beer)

eventful day!

first - went to dim sum for lunch with the boys. good stuff. especially turnip cake. which we were arguing over (to see who gets the best, most well-done part).

second - decided to go to wal-mart. discovered some bubbles for really cheap, so chris bought some.

third - went to a park to play with said bubbles.

(i ended up shooting in RAW all day. did i tell you that the sharpness and quality is awesome? even though editing them is quite difficult?)

chris posted some photos too. for once, brian didn't bring his camera.

fourth - my newspaper adviser is retiring. so they threw a party for her.

she seriously taught me a lot. and brought a lot to the paper. the courier is not going to be the same without her.

got to see a lot of people (staffers, current and old) that i haven't seen in FOREVER. good to catch up! especially with this girl -

fifth - a couple of us went for drinks afterwards. good fun. great time catching up some more. i snapped a few photos.

must do this catching up thing more often. because courier people are awesome.


Cricket said…
Such fun pics! I swear, bubbles just make ya happy!!

nadine said…
whoa dude, are you seriously that short? ;) love the shirt you're wearing and isn't it fun to catch up with old friends?
-eVa- said…
WOW such wonderful and sharp photos! i especially love those of the bubbles! they're gorgeous!

i am really happy for you that you could catch up your old friend :)
Sharyn said…
Cool photo's..love raw!

Happy birthday too for your last post!
SarahB said…
Really fun bubble photos!
Greta said…
us short folks have to stick together in the world of tallness...love your photos
RACHEL =) said…
DUDE, I just love looking at your pictures!!!!

Hope you had a great birthday!! :)
RACHEL =) said…
DUDE, I just love looking at your pictures!!!!

Hope you had a great birthday!! :)
Christen said…
It is funny how no one likes to ask the turnip lady to make it more crispy, but me. :p
Anonymous said…
You forgot to tell your scrap booking lady friends that I'm single!
Michelle said…
Gorgeous pics Caroline! Love them especially the bubbles!
Scarlet said…
The bubble photos are so awesome and fun! I wish I had time to go on photo excursions like you do.
Pound said…
cool bubble pics. and ya, you look 3 ft tall next to that girl =P

turnip cake- blech. not gonna be on our list.
happy belated birthday :)
Jocelyn said…
cuteness. i love the bubble pictures.
Ali M said…
Cute bubble pics!

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