making me happy. (+ 20 questions)

- 4-day weekend (friday is part of my weekend)!
- honey nut chex mix.
- good win by the dodgers
- this amazingly flattering dress -

which was also fabulously cheap. gotta love forever 21 (they also have fab, CHEAP camis and basic tees).
- an e-mail from scrapbooks etc.
- an early birthday present.
- an amazingly fun package from gigi.
- lovely catalogs, aka eye candy (delias, jcrew, urban outfitters).
- pirates 3! it was good. although. you need to pay attention and remember what went on in the first two. or you will be lost. but the ending was good. and i freaking love jack sparrow. and i think i need it to watch it again to process it (watching the midnight showing when you're sleepy = not that great an idea).
- costco toilet paper (random, i know)
- pesto alfredo shrimp pizza. from some place at the LA farmers market. really good stuff.
- fun stickers from mrs. grossman's. yes, you read that correctly.

anyways. hillary tagged me, so here goes -
1. regular or diet soda: diet. because i drink a lot of it and i felt way too guilty when i was guzzling the regular stuff. and when i switched to diet, i lost 10 lbs.

2. salt or pepper: i like pepper for some reason. well, except when you have to eat a whole spoonful of it. which my friends dared me to do once. i wouldn't recommend it!

3. hot or cold weather: um. neither. can i go with in between? but i think i like hot better. i can't survive in the cold.

4. dogs or cats: dogs. cats hate me!

5. dieting or exercise: i would rather exercise. because i can't give up my beloved food.

6. cooking or doing dishes: cooking. all the way. i don't mind cooking, i kind of like it sometimes...but i HATE doing the dishes afterwards. ewww.

7. sleeping or shopping: oh man. tough choice. i'll go with shopping!

8. Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse: i actually don't know, because i've never really eaten at either.

9. classical or hip hop music: depends. love some hip hop, but some of it annoys the crap out of me because they play it over and over and over... and i'm a huge classical buff.

10. dancing or playing sports: dancing. i'm slightly better at it. we ikejis are NOT atheletes.

11. back rub or foot rub: back rub.

12. fruits or vegetables: hmm....fruits.

13. Grey's Anatomy or House: grey's. hands down. although i've never watched house. even though i hear it's good.

14. coffee or tea: coffee, baby.

15. curling up with a good book or a night out on the town: that would totally depend on my mood and whether or now i was feeling lazy that night.

16. Straight hair or curly hair: straight.

17. skirts or shorts: skirts. i never wear shorts. but i love wearing (and buying) skirts.

18. burgers/hotdogs or chinese food: that would depend on a number of factors.

19. vacationing in Switzerland or Mexico: switzerland. it has this romantic european vibe.

20. sports car or SUV: ummmm. SUV. it would make up for my shortness. or something.

i tag: amy, ali, jill, and yen.

i'm off to 110-degree arizona tomorrow.
have a good weekend! :)


Anonymous said…
That is a very cute dress. If I were a cross dresser or a transexual, I would totally got for that.
Eminepala said…
Congrats on getting an email from scrap etc... are you getting pubbed??

Emine (2peas)
nadine said…
i love that dress!
Pound said…
so you've finally discovered the cute mrs. g stickers eh? they're out there. for real.

i can't wait to see pirates.

and the shopping or sleeping question... there is no good answer to that lol.
amy said…
thanks for the tag! :)
Ali M said…
Love the dress too! I will answer these questions sooon!
Nicole said…
say it ain't so...mrs. grossman?! off to check it out...i trust you (lol)

congrats on Scrapbooks Etc.

agreed with your Pirates3 synopsis. but i was craving more Jack, and for the love of all things holy...I NEEDED MORE WILL TURNER. seriously? how hot was he at the end?!
Thanks for the link to Forever 21. They have some seriously cute stuff. Maybe too young for me, but my daughters are going to love their site.
KKT said…
i saw Pirates 3 yesterday... sooo good!
melissa said…
love the dress and love the list :)
I so agree about pirates!-Jack Sparrow rules

welcome to the heat of Arizona!
Natalie said…
Loved the 20 questions. And I love me some Jack Sparrow! Yummy!!
Jen said…
I need that dress! I seee a trip to Forever 21 in the near future :)

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