i haven't done much.

no photo outing this week. tri had to move.
bonfire/BBQ tonight...but shooting in total darkness is rather difficult.
maybe i'll take my camera around for a walk or something tomorrow.

gilmore girls made me cry.
i really didn't watch the last 3 season or so...but i'll miss that show.
and i need to rewatch it on DVDs.
it was just really cute and witty show and i loved it.
it also sort of made me think...about where i am in life...and how i'll have to leave home soon like rory. that just got to me.

grey's made me cry.
that scene with cristina in the end was just amazing.
and just ... wow.
so many emotions running through there.
and other stuff, but i can't think straight at the moment.

been spending way too much time hanging out here.
added a bunch of eye candy to my flickr favorites.
finding fun recipes here
(although i only have to cook for a few more mother is coming back from japan on wednesday).
obsessed with this song (i don't think it has an actual video by the band, but oh well)

might have exciting news, might have not.
we shall see!

happy for a bunch of friends who graduated last week/are graduating this week.

trying to drag out my scrapping mojo. because it has been driving me nuts lately -

thinking that i need to organize my space this weekend.

realizing that i'm up WAY too late!
have a good one :)


Tracy said…
Yeah, SIS is pretty cool, huh?
Have a great weekend.
Natalie said…
Dude, I totally cried like a baby at the end of Grey's. Have a good weekend an I'll see you over at SIS!
Allison said…
Beautitul pages!!!
nadine said…
oh i love this song! i'd never heard it before!
Pound said…
love that 21 l/o!!!
poor carline, no omelette rice lately? =P

what's the news?? spill it!
Rhonda said…
wonderful layouts :)
kelly said…
totally agree about that final scene of grey's! gorgeous pages! have a good weekend!
Rona said…
Love the 21 layout!
Becca said…
Love your layouts!!!

Amanda said…
Love your pages! I used to watch Gilmore Girls religiously, but ran out of time. I take it the show is over? Too bad.
Kath W said…
Awesome layouts! And, yep, I can totally see SIS taking up a ton of my time, lol.
Kim said…
I don't know if I cried at the Gilmore Girls being over or the topic of the final episode... needless to say I cried.

Gorgeous layouts!
melissa said…
greys was crazy wasn't it? I cried too at the same scene

I love the kraft site too-so many fun and easy recipes :)

I ADORE that 21 layout!-its rockin
Alison said…
you know i love your layers girl
shirls said…
doesn't look like you are having mojo problems:) love the layouts.
april said…
Love your LOs as always!

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