it's my weekend and i....

* watched a lot of baseball.
went to two dodgers vs. angels games.
too bad the dodgers got spanked in both of them and eventually got swept.

* scrapped. a lot.
because i think my mojo is back. finally.
finished up some random challenges and dug into the stuff i'd been hoarding (basic grey, chatterbox, hambly).
feels good to use things

(this one is for HMITM. it was a good one this week. check it out)

(photo by brian. wanted to make use of those camera in face shots that we always seem to be taking)

hm. i'm kind of boring.
uh. here's a photo from the other day.

from the bonfire/bbq thursday night with the boys.
the only decent photo i had.

in other news.
i turn 22 in 2 weeks which i find crazy.
i can't believe it's almost june which i also find crazy.
i'll be in arizona/laughlin over the weekend (and maybe vegas too) and it'll be crazy HOT. not looking forward to the weather...but looking forward to finally getting one of those ginormous margaritas in laughlin. i don't even think i'll be able to finish half of it, but i just want one for fun. and because the glass is cool.

have a good one :)


Alison said…
glad you found your groove
love the scraps
Claudi said…
wonderful layouts! Glad that you found you creativity;-)
Biancka said…
I am happy for you that you got your mojo back :) Love your LO's and cant wait to see more !! *hugz*
Ali Mclaughlin said…
I LOVE through the lens! glad you had a good scrappy weekend!
Pink Pixels said…
Boy, did you ever get your mojo back?!?!!? Great work!

Didn't we almost have it all leaves me questioning what you were chasing.

Sorry the Dodgers couldn't dodge that spanking.
ohh love love lovin' your pages.
glad you are at the scrap again :)

Leah said…
those are great!
lovely lovely pages
Anonymous said…
I just love your layouts, I'm a big FAN!!! Glad you found your mojo! :)
Miriam Lima said…
Have a margarita for me when you go!!! I love your blog. Great LO's
Debi said…
Oh, boy... another Laughlin trip! Wish I was going, too... I need another vacation! LOL Have fun this week and enjoy your weekend! :)
deb said…
so inspiring! love that andy warhol-esque layout!
Christen said…
"Do you guys think this is done yet?"

[holds up a charred piece of pork]

"Hmmm, 2 more minutes then.."
nadine said…
i've got scrapping envy again.
Michelle said…
WOW! You've been a busy little bee! Love your layouts.. especially the pink one (We Almost Had It All)...

Have fun in hot weather... it's autumn/winter here.. I'd do anything for a bit of sun!
kelly said…
that "happy" page is amazing, as are all your others!
and now you have me craving a margarita! ;)
Anonymous said…
I just love looking at your layouts, Caro!! SO AWESOME!!! Glad your getting your scrap mojo/groove on!! :)
amy said…
yes appears the mojo has send some my way! LOL
AFerguson said…
I'd say your mojo never left!!;o) Awesome layouts, Caroline!!
melissa said…
your gonna be in my state!-wish I was closer to laughlin I would come visit you ;)

LOVE the layouts-especially the one with the big hambly flower screen print!
your scrappy stuff rocks and your pics are very stella!
Pound said…
geeeez don't you ever get tired of scrapping?? =P cuz i do haha!

but i love those new ones.
ooh i guess you get omelette rice now??

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