lake shrine.

so one of the boys found lake shrine, which is actually more of a spiritual retreat type place than a lake. it has a lake, but it has flowers and meditation areas and stuff. we went there to take photos.

it was really pretty. and i ended up taking almost 300 photos.
i got some good stuff.
and the boys got some nice photos of me (hooray).

(this one cracks me up. they were trying to flex, and um, yeah....)

next up: the san gabriel river (aka the place where my dad pans for gold) and castaic lake.

so my paper mojo is missing AND i have no ink to print off these newer i've been doing lots of digis. which is not a problem because i am buried in a sea of awesome product from DD and paislee press. this could last me a while! :)

and a new HMITM :)


meems said…
wow, you take amazing photos!
Yen said…
Fab photos,C!When you visit here,let me know:) Happy Easter!
RACHEL =) said…
DUDE... I love coming here and seeing your amazing pictures... the flowers are seriously gorgeous!! WOW! And the layouts are awesome!!!! :)

Have a Happy Easter!
nadine said…
love the windmill shot!
Jones said…
Beautiful! Love your photos and pages! Happy Easter!
amazing... as always...

and i like the paper mojo.
Pound said…
great pics. great pages.
you're a star. =P
EK said…
Gorgeous pics!!
adrienne said…
dude caro those pages are breathtaking! My fave photo is the one of the guy where his feet are in focus and the background (his face) is blurred...that one is totally rad!
digi or paper--you rock em both :)
melissa said…
WOW love that windmill shot and lol at the boy pics ;)

amazing Layouts as always!
Nora said…
Your cousins are way too cute. I want to steal them.

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