i've been up to....

1. the farmers market/the grove.
my aunt owns a produce market (now run by her stepson) there and she was in town, so we stopped by. and i shot pictures.

2. dim sum.

i've missed this stuff.
(and jamie and linda - i'm waiting on you two!)

3. the park.

ah yes. i'm the queen of playground photo shoots. haha!

4. fosselman's.

my favorite local ice cream joint.

5. a little scrapping.


and for CD's switch the stitch challenge.

6. i'm in the May CK. page 22.

7. going to norcal wednesday. looking forward to: exploring more parts of berkeley (and the cal campus), point reyes, the shins, fenton's ice cream, top dog, crepes, san francisco shopping, a giants game (i despise them, but i'm trying to get around to all the MLB ballparks!), golden gate park, a brazilian cafe elaine is recommending, scrapbook territory, blondie's (or this other pizza joint i hear is better), the bart, seafood buffet, le note, used bookstores, and hippiness. (why does my list consist of mostly fod?).

8. got some news about where i might end up the next two years. i might start in january. we'll see.

oh, and since some of you requested i post the photos the boys took of me at castaic...

these are by brian and chris. follow the links for other cool photos.


Anonymous said…
Great photographs, Monkey Crunch! :D
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, us boys totally rock! Who would've guessed? >:]
Christen said…
I like the pictures of the fruit. They're so vibrant! I think I should start playing with the saturation tool in PS now.

Next time we should get cheaper ice cream at riteaide. :x
Anonymous said…
It's amazing, I can totally tell the shooting styles between my brother, you and I. Completely different approaches to composition between the three of us.
EliseBlaha said…
loove berkeley.
and top dog.
have you been to the mexican place right by it?
best nachos ever.

wonderful photos, as always.
Kristi Sauer said…
Do you share your photos on Flickr too? They rock! Love the new portraits of you and I also saw you in CK!
island girl said…
love what you've been up to!!!
Alison said…
Pics of you!
But seriously?
Your food photos?
Beckalicious said…
Out of all of them, the asparagus photo (for whatever reason), is my favorite.
Canay said…
Hello, I found you on the blog train. Oh my gosh your pictures are amazing.
Have fun in Berkeley. I was raised about five minutes from Berkeley. It is a nice area.
Michelle said…
Oh why oh why did I have to open your blog when I'm hungry?! The dimsum photo makes me even hungrier!

Great photos Caroline.. the boys really got great shots of you!
love the new lo ... and the cute new pics of you!!!
Pound said…
great pics.
st in berkeley is really good.
still hate you about the shins.
michelleguray said…
you totally inspire with the wonderful pics! and the ones of you are really nice! it's so cool to have friends like you do!
Christy said…
Hey girlie... I've missed you! Gorgeous photos as always - WOW!
Kerry said…
Fantastic pics!
*~*Amber*~* said…
girl.. lovelove the photos... fruit is such a happy thing!!! those boys are too funny! love the pics of you too! o... fun news on my bloggy!!! xoxo
Jocelyn said…
i love how infused with color all your pictures are, girl!
benga said…
the photos are stunning! nice blog and I'm an avid fan of your scrapbooking style, keep em coming! =)
EK said…
Those farmers marker pictures are SO awesome!
jo said…
you take some great pictures - great eye for composition and design...

Hope you had fun in the Bay Area. I so love this place. I could never leave! :)

btw, I think it's cool that someone out there other than me focuses on food when they go on vacation. :)
Jill said…
a few things:
1. no clue why but I lurv the pic of the peppers!
2. congrats on CK! :D
3. I've never had a desire to visit cali -at all- but u get such awesome photos of neato things, I think I should check it out!
4. while ur in the cleaning mood, the address to mi casa is...haha

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