good things.

* baseball season is here! i look forward to opening day every single year (well, at least from october til march). unfortunately, the dodgers have yet to win a game. and today (yesterday, whatever) i went to my first baseball game of the year (angels game, but free tickets are free tickets).

* spring break in less than 2 weeks. somehow that seems so far away, yet so soon. looking forward to my norcal trip.

* nice weather. not too hot, not too cold. although it was cold at the game.

* JPG magazine. very cool photography mag. maybe i can get in there one day. i wish.

* s'mores. i've always had a s'more obsession. so much that i make them in my microwave. i think they're the BEST when you make them in the microwave. i love how the marshmallows get all inflated and almost explode. it's awesome. (hey linda another item to add to our list of things to take over the world with.)

* bonfires and beaches. i took the leftover s'more supplies home, and that is why s'mores are on this list today.

(i was hoping this would come out cooler than it did. oh well, live and learn.

(i'm kind of upset that i missed a lot of sweet sunset shots. i had all these ideas too. i blame huntington beach for having two tower 15s, and therefore causing us to spend 2 hours to look for part of our group. these were taken while i ventured out to the correct tower 15 to look for them... oh well. next time...)

* good news is always good, right?

* the april scrapbook trends. good stuff in there. and if you're wondering, NO the boxes aren't shipping, but my mother is going to japan soon and i have this page in there with my grandma's calligraphy on it. i wasn't sure if it'd get here on time, so we bought it.

* light painting. oh yes, the joys of a SLR camera. seriously. it is cool. and FUN!

on the not-so-cool side....
* sanjaya SERIOUSLY has to go. he needs to get off my TV. like NOW.
* i almost got ran over today. NO, i was not taking pictures.

have a good one! tootles :)


Michelle said…
Love the sunset photos and the one of the shadows on the sand... really cool! Wish I could take photos half as good as yours.

Have a great day!
Laura said…
beautiful photos! i'm excited about baseball too. i like the pirates and we hardly ever win, so i know where you're coming from! ;) i'm also excited about it because we have our very first minor league team here. yay! can't wait to go to some of the games. :)
KirstieGai said…
wow what awesome photos, love the first one with only the shadows
sarahb said…
Love those fire and sunset photos, especially the darker sunset, BEAUTIFUL Caroline!!! Oh ya.I started a new photography blog, loving you photos and would love input from time to time!
Amber Nichole said…
love your pics my friend.
painting with light rocks.
great stuff.
Pound said…
man, the dodgers need to step up! all you can eat pavillion here i come!

LOVE bonfires. we do hb for those too. but my fire pics are AWFUL. how do you actually make the flames not look like a huge orange blur???

last time some random kids came over and ate all our smores lol. i like to cook the marshmallows over the flame on the stove. when i'm not making them at a bonfire, that is. oh and HOTDOGS taste SOOO good at bonfires. damn, bonfire food- we can so take over the world.

i'm lmao how you guys got lost cuz of the 15 towers. i had a B tower =P

p.s. i'm still not over the dumb "la" angels thing. why?! they're not in l.a., not even l.a. county. pshh. wannabes.
EK said…
I heart s'mores too! I have one of those s'mores makers and we'd make them all the time when I was living with roommates. I still make them in the microwave sometimes tho! And seriously what the crap is the deal with Sanjaya!? Not even in the bottom 3!?! WHY!!! WHY!!!
Alison said…
pics are awesome
spring break is awesome-er
Rita said…
oh how I miss the California shore! your photos are so completely fancy. I bet you read your manual? ;-) I need to do that. *sigh*
Kelly said…
those light pics are the coolest!! how fun!
looks like your fave, sanjaya, hung on for another week. ugh!
and i never thought to cook smores in the microwave...yum!
melissa said…
another round of amazing photos! and dont be so modest you can so get into that JPG magazine ;)

yummm smores! i love just making marshmallows in the microwave
Yen said…
Fantastic photos as usual,C! :)
mlvp said…
tus fotos son bellisimas!!!me encantan las delas flores!!gracias por mostrar!!!!

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