spring break is here. FINALLY!

to celebrate this momentous occasion.......

i cleaned. majorly!
(ah yes. the wild and thrilling life of a college student on spring break).
i got rid of a TON of stuff. and now i can see the floor. and my desk! i cleaned my scrap area too!

stupid moment of the day: i have this shelving unit. i usually dump everything onto it when i'm "cleaning." because it gets them off the floor. and so it was way too full of stuff.

today, when i was ALMOST done cleaning, it came crashing down.
i wanted to cry. but i threw even more stuff away...and my room is clean.

okay. i'm sure i've bored you to tears with my cleaning stories.
here are some photos!

these are from castaic lake, which is about an hour away from LA.
it was really pretty! we drove around, parked at random scenic places, and shot.
at the end of the day, we ended up at the lagoon. it was nice.

(i took this on brian's canon. i wanted to play with the wide angle)

i have a thing for clouds.

i've seen a bunch of cool lifeguard tower pics. and so, i decided to try my hand at it. the boys reluctantly agreed. but i think they had fun.

did some headshot type portraits. i forgot how awesome shooting at f1.8 can be! i used to shoot f1.8 a lot, but have been shooing at higher apertures lately because i always have issues with focusing! lol.

the guys got good photos of me too. like really good. i was pleased. this is the great part about having photo enthusiasts as friends! LOL.

afterwards, we went to pink's. AWESOME hot dogs. although there was a long wait. totally worth it though.

playing with long exposure while in line!

have a good one! :)


Pound said…
where are the pics of you???

you take good pics. doy.

and now i want some pink's. =P
Michelle said…
Happy Spring Break! Would love to see the photos of you too!

I so envy your photo-taking skills...
Cricket said…
Those are some fabulous pics!! Love the lifeguard tower ones!! :)

shirls said…
i NEED to clean my scrap space!!! those photos are fabulous. yes, wehre are your pics???
Sarah said…
yeah, I want to see the pictures of you too!
giuseppina said…
love all the photos. love that you cleaned on spring break (like i did). jealous that yours is starting and mine is ending!
nadine said…
you make me so jealous i don't have more friends who like taking pictures.
KirstieGai said…
my first thought is ... I'd love to be 21 again ... but now I'm thinking about those hotdogs cause they look delish. Enjoy your spring break.
Jess said…
OMG.. Your photos are just AWSOME!! I am so going to have to get some pointers from you!
Awesome photos!! The tacos are making me hungry! Yay on the spring cleaning. I really need to do that.
Anonymous said…
Damn, I look so sexy in your photographs!
sarahb said…
Hey Girlie, love those photos, btw!!! I wanted to know if you used a tripod on the long exposure photo of the street lights, cars and all that, I am dying to try this technique, do you remember what your settings were?!??
Christen said…
Mmmmmm... TACOS.

EK said…
Such fun pics, of course!! :)
melissa said…
yippie for spring break!!! ugg about the shelving unit falling right when you were almost done cleaning..Ive had something similiar happen before and its sooooo fustrating.

amazing photos!
*~*Amber*~* said…
amazing shot as usual girl!!! how amazing! love the last one. been meaning to take a shot like that!!! xoxo
Alison said…
gorgeous pics
esp love the last one
jill said…
Ah, spring break. I miss those days!
Anonymous said…
Add my bro and I into your friends list already! >:[

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