11 for the 11th.

1. easter
easter was fun. lots of food, eggs, fun festivities, candy. and $7+ a ton of change. hooray. oh, and cute babies.

okay, so the last one is not a baby. but she's still cute. i have such adorable second cousins.

2. noiseware
i don't know why i was so lazy to download it earlier. it's AWESOME. now i can shoot at 1600 ISO without being upset that the pictures came out too grainy. yay!

3. some scrapping
this digi. which is a lift of the fabulous amber ries, who is the guest CT member at DD. she rocks. and then there are a few other things that i can't quite share right now.

4. spring break
less than a week! a week from today, i'll be in norcal. yay.

5. cleaning
doing a ton of spring cleaning right now, because my room is an absolute mess. the best thing? going through your clothes and finding all these jeans that were too tight but can now fit into. heh.

6. rollin' on the river.

sort of. went to the san gabriel river. climbed over a bunch of rocks/boulders, went down some treacherous hills, climbed back up them. oh and found a shopping cart in the parking lot and pushed it down a trail. it held our camera equipment. well then we took turns riding in it. it hurt my butt.

i don't shoot landscapes well, but i found a bunch of random things to take pictues of.

7. another member of the club

he bought a rebel XTi, which arrived yesterday. he sat in his car, parked on the street, to stalk the fedex man. if that isn't anticipation...i don't know what is.

8. i'm crippled.=
see #6.

9. sweeeeeeep
the dodgers sweep the giants. WHOO HOO.

10. a request from CK.
yay! :)

11. coming up = castaic lake.
this should be fun. can't wait!


~Jamie said…
I love those pictures of them holding their easter baskets! I don't know why, but there is just something GREAT about easter egg basket pics... I think it is the bright spring day and the cute clothes, I just LOVE them always!
ali mclaughlin said…
Love the photos. Love the one that says Jesus loves Betty.. lol.

Congrats on CK!
Traci said…
these pictures are fab! i love the kiddos..so squishable!! Congrats on CK!
Tracy said…
love your pics - is there anything cuter than little kids with Easter baskets? : )
Pound said…
i like #9 =P

and as always- nice pics!!!!!
you pictures are freakin' amazing.
love them thanks for sharing.

Jill said…
1. cute kids
2. love the tree photo
3. jealous of your skinny jeans
4. jealous of your photog friends
5. jealous you get spring break

do we see a pattern here? :P
~currant7 said…
1.)love the layout you did
2.) cute kids...can't wait to go through Easter with my nephew
3.) sorry to hear that you got injured
4.) CONGRATS on the CK request!
Yen said…
WOW! You really do take awesome photos,C! Love the one with the woods and the kiddos too:)

Have a great weekend!
maggie holmes said…
fun stuff caroline! you seem like you are always doing such fun things!!
Anonymous said…
Awesome pics, Caro. Love the kiddo ones. You have to tell me where to get that program so i do not have grainy pics either. share share!! Congrats on CK! WOOHOO!
Anonymous said…
oops...that was me...sorry.

hugs, Sonda
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