it's march. um, what? the year is already flying by. sheesh.

today was the first thursday of the month, so i headed up to the huntington library again. i wasn't TOO impressed with my pics this time around, but i guess that's what you get when you're with a friend who wants you to hurry up and move on. ha.

total candid i happened to get.

some blossom. mom says it's plum.

i guess spring is sort of in the air. even though it's been kind of chilly here in so-cal.

here's a hybrid i did the other day. it's a lift of marci.

looking to get a good amount of scrapping done this weekend - i have a deadline approaching next week and i have a fabulous TWTD kit to work with! yay :)

have a good one! :)


Alison said…
You know I love that scrappage.
And your pics are making me swoony lately.
melissa said…
girl your crazy those pics are awesome! love the candid :)
Lorrie said…
Great lo's and I love the pic of the plum bloom!!
Cammeron said…
Not too impressed?! Man I wish I had something so pretty to photograph around here. Its still so ugly in Oklahoma..
nadine said…
lucky. i wish we had flowers blooming here.
Monica said…
love those fab pics. i wish it was warm and spring like here. but no. its cold and snowy! grr..

love the scrappage :)
Pound said…
really good pics. love the scrap.
Christy said…
LOVE those photos girl... WOW! Cannot wait to get my camera... hopefully someday soon. I want to take gorgeous pics like Caroline when I grow up, hee! Love that lo too! :)
scrapcat said…
love love love the second one!
they're all beautiful!

and you made me miss LA again!
first with your traffic on the 405 layout and now the huntington gardens! :)

(and you've been rocking the hybrids lately, keep 'em coming!)
jill said…
Oh, I love that hybrid!
EK said…
UGH! I'm so jealous!!
Ellie said…
oooh I like finding blogs of people I remember from 2Peas!

I think your photos are gorgeous :o)
RACHEL =) said…
You take some AMAZING picture, girlie, wow!!! Love them!!
And the layout rocks!!!
Happy scrapping :)
michelleguray said…
love all the stuff in this post. everything's sooo pretty!
beautiful pictures and layouts

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