so these boys.

i've been hanging with them a lot.
and i like them.
why? they walk around with a camera like i do. (well, and they're cool)
and even though they SOMETIMES whine when i stick a camera in front of their face...
well i'm not the only one who's doing it. so i don't feel as bad.
and one of them also shoots with an SLR. he actually nudged me into the SLR world.

so anyways. we've had a couple of outings this week.
first, we went to exposition park, which has a bunch of museums. and a rose garden.
we ended up walking into the museum of natural history. bad call. because i went there for field trips about 4 times between grades 1 and 6.
and nothing has really changed.
and the dinos were closed, which made me feel ripped off.
a couple of shots -

today. we went to santa monica...because us SLR nerds wanted to shoot the ferris wheel at night.
so i figured out how to set my camera at night. and i played around a lot. and got some cool stuff.
and we made the non-SLR shooters a bit jealous :P
and this one photog guy complimented us. that was sweet. although when he first came up to us, we thought he was going to steal our cameras. haha!
and realized i needed a tripod pretty badly. because i was using this little ledge that people use to put fish bait on to hold my camera steady.
and it was slimy and it smelled like crap. ewwww.
but i got good shots. and i borrowed brian's tripod too.

okay, so i realize that this post was VERY photo-heavy. sorry for the loading time!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the congrats on my last post! i'm still giddy from it all :)
and HUGE CONGRATS to the HOFers!!! especially to my buddy jill. especially because she pushed me to enter this year :)


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous pics, C! And super congratulations!

Alison said…
those pics are AMAZING
Aimee said…
Love all your photos, Caroline! Those ferris wheel ones are fabulous! Congrats again!:o)
noell said…
Your photography is amazing. I love looking.
Lorrie said…
Your photog RAWKS girl! good job on the ferris wheel shots. TOTALLY loving them!
Happay said…
the ferris wheel shots are just gorgeous!
Jackie Peterson said…
Love your photos. So jealous, wish I had photo friends and ferris wheels to shoot.
gabbyfek said…
these are SO SO SO SO SO perfect....
i am coming to see you because i am so jealous of all your pics.
yes, i am.
candice said…
Great photo's! It's so fun that you have someone to go out and shoot with. That is the greatest! Congrat's on your hm!

Awsome photos and looks like a great group of friends!! How fun!!

Have a great weekend!!
LissaRenfro said…
Great pictures! And I will add my congrats for HofF. YAY!
Andrea said…
Those pictures are amazing!!! Love the Ferris Wheel :)
lisa garay said…
wow caroline!!!
your photography is amazing...
aren't slr's the best?
i just got mine, too. i looooove it :)
have a great weekend!
Sharon said…
Another FANTASTIC batch of photos!
i love your photos!! i wanna come shoot with you!

when are you coming to ny again!? lol!
Jamie K said…
awesome pics Caroline...just awesome.

and congrats on HOF HM. that's so cool!
Michelle said…
LOVE the photos of the ferris wheel!!
Kristi Sauer said…
Those Ferris wheel shots are AMAZING!!! Totally worth your drive there! Love the new banner too :)
nadine said…
dude yiur making me feel bad that i've hardly taken any photos lately!
EK said…
Wow Caroline! Your pictures are just fabulous!
Pound said…
i like the museum of nh! the bug room? ethan loves that.
you make me miss 3rd st. i haven't been there in forever and ever.
awesome pics.
melissa said…
no complaints about your 'photo-heavy' post ;) LOVE all the eye candy. your amazing
still félitations for the contest and beautiful pics indeed!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
RACHEL =) said…
Girl, your photography is sooooo amazing - wow, I love each and every one! And I can't believe you don't have an SLR, I thought you did! Wow, that makes you even better!!! LOVE THESE :)
Linda said…
You are KILLING me with your photography!!
WOW, Caroline!!!
These are the greatest!!!

That's it...I need to get out and get snapping!!
Kelly said…
okay, that's it...i'm coming to Cali to take pics with you!!! those are sooo fun!!
Jocelyn said…
those pics are mindblowing
you get that, right?
Amy Coose said…
OMGosh, Caroline! Your pics ROCK!!! I'm lovin' the ferris wheel ones. Totally worth the slimy, smelly ledge. Hope you get a tripod soon!:)

Congrats on your HOF HM!!! You sooo totally deserve it!!
Jill said…
your photos are sooo inspiring. you make me wanna go out and just get some awesome photos. too bad there are no cool ferris wheels here! :P
sarahb said…
I have to tell you, your photography lately is just to die for, I'm enjoying it SO much, I even went out and got a camera, that's how much!!

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