photos photos photos.

i guess that's all my blog posts are these days.

these are from san pedro (aka the beach) with the boys -

dragged another one into the dark world of dSLRs. chris got a D50 this week. they're discontinued now and apparently quite hard to find!

i made the brian take ridiculous photos of me posing with stuff i drew in the sand. and with MY camera. ha.

it was inspired by this..

i thought this would come out cooler than it did.

he needed a facebook photo. actually, he was the only one without a dSLR. so he had to model.

the boys liked this one.

he looks all emo. hahah!

so remember the lighthouse i was talking about in my last post? this is the walkway to get to it. i'm glad we didn't go. well not that we could, because the walkway was blocked with a "DANGER" sign. but look at those waves. crazy. and the boulders WERE crazy looking.

and these are from yesterday - the getty with the girls.
i didn't take that many. and i was unimpressed with most of my photos. these are mostly from the garden...

i have a thing for chandeliers, apparently. unfortunately, neither of these photos are my favorites.

i'm starting to realized that i need a new, wider lens soon. even though i absolutely ADORE my 50...

just wanted to get these up before heading off the the beach tonight. because i anticipate another pile of photos.

oh, and i digi scrapped.
lots and lots of cool new goodies at DD...or to come tomorrow! just HAD to play with them!


Jill said…
so the walkway photo? yeah...glad you didn't go to the lighthouse either...b/c I can't even see it! it is an awesome photo though :) well, they all are, really.
ymA said…
Oh, beautiful flower photos!
I am such a fan of your photos, especially the macro ones... Great work!!
Sara E said…
I really love the beach pics...I would love to be on a beach nice

and....that window pic is really cool!
EK said…
Gorgeous pics! You've got an eye for it!! :)
melissa said…
um yeah..glad you didn't go to the lighthouse too..but the walkway photo is pretty ;) love ALL the photos as usual, those flower pics are gorgeous! lol at the 'she owns it' layout-gotta love it
Kelly Miller said…
Great pics Caroline! You're such an inspiration!!
Pound said…
niiiice pics. don't tell me you went to san pedro and didn't eat at ports o call!

you should check out this place the wedge in newport beach. it has a crazy ass jetty like that. i went down it once. dumb. cuz i was with a boy i liked who wanted to walk down it. i almost died.
Ritascottage said…
Girl~ you are one amazingly talented (and BUSY) photographer and scrapper. I can't believe how much you get done! great pics :)
Ali Mclaughlin said…
Wow Caroline.. love those flower photos! your pics are always inspiring!
RACHEL =) said…
Girl, you know I don't mind photos, esp. yours!!! LOVE these!! Looks like such a great time!! Awesome layouts too :)

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