daylight savings. blech.

i'm not a huge fan of the "spring forward." specifically, i hate the idea of losing one whole hour of sleep.

last year, i stayed up through the time change - we were at a journalism conference, it was the last night, we went out and then we hung out. i remember going to sleep at 6 or so then thinking "i have to check out by 11 tomorrow?!"

i stayed up through the time change again this year. this time, i scrapped through it. i had a neglected TWTD kit that was begging to be played with. such loveliness, but crazy week with impending deadlines = things end up getting pushed aside. i loooooved this kit.

(okay, so this one was done last weekend)

a 13 lb. package was delivered. that was also calling out to me. but priorities are priorities, and i worked on the kit first. but sunday, i finally dug in -

(this picture is from my cousin's thailand/vietnam trip. the expressions on here were priceless. so i asked to scrap this).

on my computer, plenty of digi goodies from DD needed to be played with. but i had blank page syndrome in photoshop. so i combined the AC and the digi and did a hybrid -

a very scrappy weekend for sure.

uh, so apparently my hybrid killed my photoshop and it won't start. i have to reinstall. which i'm putting off because it takes forever. but i apparently don't function without it, so i'm sure i'll be installing it, like, tomorrow. until then, no PODs here.

it's summer here. 90+ degree weather. sheeeeeesh.
and i can't wait for spring break. all this spring break talk is making me very very jealous....and i have plans to go to norcal and am looking forward to that.
too bad i have OVER a month to go. grrrrr.

oh, new banner. my last one was kinda spring-ish, but i wanted a color change. someone asked if i made it. yep, and most of the stuff on here is from this lovely kit. pretty, pretty.

have a good one!


Alison said…
Love the scrappies.
LOVE them/
anna aspnes said…
Love your style Caroline! And I can totally identify on the "loss of an hour in bed" :)
you scrap too much :-p
melissa said…
LOVE your banner and new photo :D

and look at all that scrapy bliss! how lucky are you to find time to do all that yummy scrapbooking
amy said…
daylight savings. blech.

yeah, what she said! lol.
loving the new LOs, as always! :)
Awsome pages! Especially love the one from your niece and the monkey..too cute!

Like your new header too, this kit looks great! TFS

Have a great tuesday!
Sondie said…
Oh my 90+....and I thought we were having a nice warm spring day here at only 65 degrees!

I so could use a nice long scrap time. I have so many things begging to be used. LOL!
Great pages!! But unlike you, I LOVE DST!!! I love it being so light when I get home from work. It's been gorgeous down here in San Diego too. I totally have spring fever!
LeXiee said…
WOW!!! Great layouts :)
kokopuffs said…
i don't know which of your TWTD layouts I like the most. cuz they're all pretty rad.

there's something about each one I really like, yet I can't pinpoint what it is.

nor cal is fun. I'm going this weekend. you bet i'll be getting more cheesebread for sure...

remember, we must take over the world...i'm just the wing mechanic.
Manda said…
Hi! I saw you on Elsie's comments and I like your blog. I've seen you on two peas before. Your stuff is really cute. :)
nadine said…
a THIRTEEN pound box of goodies!?
Pound said…
what cool layouts. you've been busy. =P
that orang is looking at the baby like it's its mama. cute.
Christy said…
You are so funny girl... I LOVE Daylight Savings in the Spring! Not particularly the losing one hour of sleep part but I love that it stays lighter later. Puts me in such a good mood. :) And love, love, LOOOVE all the layouts! WOW! I'm so jealous of how often you get to scrap! Hee! :)
indigo said…
I absolutely love the banner and layouts. Such great use of color :-)
Jen said…
Fab them all! Spring agead always meeses me up too. Now, combine that with the fact that my job has not changed ANY of our techie clocks yet. Ugh! What time is it anyway?
Kelly said…
okay, your layouts are really putting me in the mood to are rocking that new AC!!!
oh and I LOVE "spring" forward! :)
xobellaaimox said…
love love looooooove those LOs! and that AC. MM!! :)
ritascottage said…
yeah for scrappy weekends. such great pages (!!)
Anonymous said…
Awesome work, Caro! I love seeing your designs. And that banner...oh mama! It rocks! Thanks for posting all these. Hugs, Sonda
~currant7 said…
love the layouts...especially with the tons and tons of faces and photos. :)

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