first. here's this week's HMITM LO. if you're like me, you have tons of ribbon. USE IT. 30 pieces. or more if you like ;)

second. one of my LOs is features on disc talk radio this week. it's on dishin' the digi coast to coast..it's a free show so listen in :) shanah and deann almost made me cry with their sweet comments. and they're both a hoot, so they cracked me up too :)

third. the weather is strange in so-cal. we had some crazy wind yesterday.

fourth. one of the other boys got a D50 too. did you know that now that those things are discontinued, they're a PITA to find? eesh. i know the D40 is an "upgrade," but there are certain things that i think the D50 has an advantage with. like the lens compatibility issue.

fifth. sanjaya needs to go. seriously. what the #%(*&#($*& was up with that pony hawk?

sixth. to celebrate chris's new purchase, the boys and i were going to go to this lighthouse. which looked cool. and it has a 1.5 mile "walk" to get to. sounds cool, right? til we read that it's more of an "adventure." oooh, adventure. yeah, you can get soaked by the waves. and there are boulders. tons of boulders. several stretches of boulders, including this one crazy long stretch. you can see it from google earth (zoom in). then we read that they won't let you near it anymore for security reasons. yeah, okay. time to find a new lighthouse. hahah.

seventh. what's an entry without photos? went out with the girls yesterday. went to portos for lunch.

(she had a foodgasm. ha)

then the mall, and caltech for pictures. except it was cold and everyone was cranky. hahaha.

you can tell it's cold and windy here. everyone looks like they're freezing.

(she wanted a new "emo picture for facebook."

what's a shoot without jumping shots? :P

okay, so that was a lot of pictures.


Pound said…
mmm the food... and your friends must really like you to endure that crap weather yest outside for pics =P
MissHuniBuni said…
awesome photography girl!
OK, can I just say that your photography is AMAZING! You go!! That is great!
Alison said…
Love your pics
Ali Mclaughlin said…
Your pictures are SO fun Caroline!
LOVE the new photos!!
Beckalicious said…
OOOH! The 2nd to last pic in this post (the full-body b/w) is AWESOME.
EK said…
WHY is Sanjaya still there!? WHY!?!?!?!
Sharon said…
Congrats on your disc talk radio feature.
Kristi Sauer said…
More awesome pics!!! Love the jumping shots!
michelleguray said…
girl your camera sure is getting alot of use but i love all your pictures!! so fun! and the portos pics..i'm drooling over here!

the disc talk radio ladies are sooooo nice! congrats on the feature!
Kelly said…
totally agree about sanjaya...ugh! great photos, once again! :)
hmmm i must get me one a dem camera's LOL as if it would make a difference in my photos. you rock them.

Michelle said…
Yummy food! I'm hungry now!

Love the jumping shots! Wish my friends are as obliging as yours when it comes to photos... LOL!
Jill said…
you have great friends to let you photograph them so much. mine would complain. your blog gives me my foto-fix :D

oh, I think they must be keeping Sanjaya on the show because everyone watches in hopes he's getting booted. that has to be it, cause he sucks.
Yen said…
Awesome photos,C! And I love that yum yum foods..hehe:) Love your layout too!!! You RAWK!

Hey, I'll add you in my links:)

Happy Weekend!
kathyjoseph1028 said…
How much do you love PORTO'S. The food is to die for!!

Love your pix! Keep them coming!

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