"that girl is taking my picture"

didn't get to go out to caltech this weekend (next time), but we did have a boba outing. i took my camera along. which caused this girl at a nearby table to say "OMG. that girl is taking a picture of me."

um. okay. right. she wasn't even in my frame to begin with.
and why would i take a picture of some random girl sitting at some random table?
some people need to get over themselves.

anyways. i took these.

(my friend bought a burberry purse. i fondled it all night)

excuse the whining to follow, but my mojo has gone missing. which is really bothering me because i have something due tomorrow. hopefully this whining will force it to come out (it usually does).


melissa said…
lol! I swear the same thing happened to me the other day when I went out to lunch with some friends.

wonderful pics as usual

and sending you some (((mojo vibes))) to help you out ;)
nadine said…
someone sitting in front of me at school once was using their webcam on their laptop, so i made faces.
PsiPsi said…
what great pic you took
I love the colors of the last
I don´t know waht "mojo" is(shame on me)
but I wish you the best!
Nita said…
Wow, that is a nice purse!
Alison said…
omg girl
amy said…
(lol at nadine's comment)

awesome pics... if you need a boost - maybe you feel like swapping photos??? sometimes that helps my mojo.
RACHEL =) said…
LOVE that purse, sooooo super cute!! And awesome pics - you and your friends always seem to have a blast!! :)
Pound said…
hahaha you are such a stalker. why are you taking random pics of a random girl????
sollie said…
What a lovely purse. It looks so cute. I'm a 27 year old girl from Belgium. I'm addicted to scrapbooking since June 2006. Hope to see you on my site too on http://sollie79.blogspot.com/
Greetz from Belgium.

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