friday friday.

saw a screening for breach today (yesterday, whatever). it was okay. the plot development was kind of slow. it had its good parts and bad parts. but ryan phillipe is hot, so whatever.

made another trip to the taco truck (see 2 posts below) to fulfill my craving. soooo good. and got another friend hooked. HA! my plan is working.

which means i missed grey's, but i had it taped and watched as soon as i got home!. holy WOW, that was freaking CRAZY and INTENSE. whoa. i have to watch again to process. but i noticed that next week's episode is titled "some kind of miracle" so taking that as a good sign of what's to come. but geez. i don't want to wait a week. hmph. i wish i worked for them just so i'd know what the storylines were! haha!

so i told linda that i'd watch the office (and i guess lost) if she'd watch grey's so i can discuss with her. but i do hear that the office is addicting.

took a target trip today. i want this -

i'm mostly putting this up here so that my cousin and i don't end up buying the same top AGAIN (it's happened twice already). and i want these too-

so anyways. my paper scrapping mojo has gone missing, but my digi mojo is there. sort of. or maybe i was just really grumpy yesterday -

but i hope my paper mojo comes back this weekend. because i want to tear paper and get glue all over my fingers and play.

also hoping to hang with the buddies this weekend (coming home for chinese new year and the long weekend) and drag them to caltech (i was inspired by this) for some fun pics. we'll see.

have a good one!


Pound said…
target has had some really cute tops lately.
and the tacos are working, pinky...
cool page. i should do a pet peeves one. but that would end up being a 6 page layout haha.
Alison said…
Love your digis
Dying for some taco truck
scrapperjen said…
Cute top!
I love the digital layout!
Jill said…
Oh, love that digi. I watch the office and lost just like Linda. And about 3 weeks ago I started watching Grey's since everyone on twopeas talks about it and it comes on right after lost. So, yeah, last night's show was crazy. I can't wait for next week.
nadine said…
i missed grey's last night! argh!
Cammeron said…
I used to watch Ugly Betty, but I soon switched to watching Earl and The Office. Definetely addicting. As for Grey's......holy sheesh. Could you even BREATHE the entire episode?! I can't believe they're putting us through a 3 parter. hah
Toni said…
I almost got that top at Target!!! Love that LO's.. Super Cute!
rachel said…
c, LOVE the new layouts - you have NOT lost your mojo cutie - i have - argh! and STOP posting those taco photos! everytime i come take a peek i want to rush out for some taco love - you lucky! happy weekend hugs, rach
EK said…
I know wasn't Grey's crazy!? I was freaking out and crying all over the place, but I'm a big baby so I always cry. And so true, Ryan Phillipe is definitely HOT!
you just want to steal back my mojo. and it's not happening. ha.

(actually, mine's gone. that's why im blog-surfing now)
ruthimus said…
I got that shirt. And those shoes. If you purchase we will have to keep our trips out together to a minimum. Love your digi cuteness =)
Sarah said…
love me some tar-zhey.

I really really wish I could digi scrap. It's like the impossible dream. You are super good at it.
maggie Holmes said…
love this layout - you sure are rockin the digi stuff!!
shirls said…
oooh....i love the shoe.

great digi layout.

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