* a couple friends and i started this crazy "random thread" through gmail. was supposed to be for the purpose of discussing some travelling arrangements, but it ended up being very very random. but amusing. haha.

* went to the sticky pix place -

there were more. just scanned these two.

* decided i'm in a painting phase. except i'm out of brushes. and everytime i go buy foam brushes they're sold out. so i paint with q-tips now.

* scrapped a bit.


for a swap with amy.

using up some AC before the new stuff comes in:

*speaking of pinkberry...took an impromptu trip there today.

* oh. so. grey's was really good the other day. i think i might watch it a third time. ha.

* my american idol viewing has continued beyond the audition rounds.

* that's all. :)


Kellie said…
Wow!! Major return of mojo I'd say - these layouts are awesome, so fresh and fun! Thanks for visiting my blog!
Anonymous said…
way cute layouts!
I especially like the Ella one with the sparkles =)
melissa said…
yummy layouts!
LOL at painting with q-tips, did it take you forever?
well it looks fab
Caroline B said…
Very cool layouts :) I never thought about painting with q-tips :)

P.S. We got the same first name :-D
Alison said…
you painted that whole background with a Qtip?
You rock girl
Great layouts! They aren't all digi are they? If they are, you are awesome because they look real :)
i want my mojo back now.

noell said…
Really cute layouts. I especially love the two-pager. Very fun.
nadine said…
sorry i missed you online last night. it's been forever since i actually logged into aim!
Rebecca H. said…
gorgeous layouts! makes me wanna get out the paper again!
Becky said…
I absolutely LOVE your los. All of them. There hasn't been a single one that I haven't liked. You are an inspiration! Send some mojo, talent, creativity, and SUNSHINE my way. (:
Cammeron said…
Love your layouts. Esp the bling on the fairy one. Pinkberry looks really really yummy...too bad I've never even heard of it!
Pound said…
dude q-tips are the way to go. no cleaning up. just gotta watch for that cotton residue sticking onto the paint... =P~

hey so are we adding zankou to our list???
Eeffie said…
Your layouts are AWESOME! So beautiful. Love your use of colors!

Greetings from Eeffie from the Netherlands.
claud said…
What a great blog you have! My name is Claudia, I'm from Holland and I just started blogging today, after watching my sisters blog for a couple of weeks. Yours looks just... WOW!
claud said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
RACHEL =) said…
CUTE pictures, and awesome layouts!! Love that you painted that green background, way cool!!

I am more than lovin' American Idol this season!!!!! :)
Shirls said…
those sticky photos are way too cute!!! love the layouts.
Kelly said…
oh man...that pinkberry page just makes me smile and a cap'n crunch topping? yummo!
EK said…
Definitely watch greys. Me love! And I love you painting with a qtip. Hilarious. Great LOs, as always!
maggie holmes said…
fun photos and awesome layouts!!
~currant7 said…
love the pinkberry layout!

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