brownie points.

i made brownies today.

(yes, i put them in muffin cups. the recipe told me to)

i was craving them.
but since linda isn't a big fan of them, i guess it can't be a part of our plan to take over the world. ha.

so valentine's schmalentine's. i think valentine's day is highly overrated. maybe i'm bitter. oh well. happy singles awareness to me! lol.

i believe spring training for the dodgers starts in 2 days. whoo hoo! can't wait for baseball season to be here!

speaking of the dodgers, they were at my school last week...but i did not know about it. therefore, i missed it. i was rather upset. hmph.

i start a new semester next tuesday. not looking forward to it. especially because my schedule isn't finalized yet? what is wrong with me?

i'm craving more of those taco truck tacos (see post below) again. this weekend we must make a run, since a bunch of my buddies are coming home for chinese new year.

got happy e-mail yesterday. let's just say, i've met my scrapping goals for the year. it's february. maybe i should make another one?

some LOs from the weekend -

hybrid. those are always fun.

a lift of Christinas at DD. she's the guest CT member this month, so we all lifted her. she does awesome stuff, so check her out.

that concludes my random thoughts for the day.


Luke said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luke said…
Hey Caroline. Was browsing through blogs and yours made me stop and read.

Love the interesting pictures and the brownies sound especially good now that its 1:43am :P

I am just starting out with my own blog.

Well I hope you have a happy Singles Day!
michelleguray said…
mmm, brownies. and wow i totally love the lo's!
Alison said…
scrappage rocks
vday is whatevs.
Cammeron said…
Great Layouts!!
I also believe valentines day is overrated...and I'm married.
Those brownies made me hungry mmmm
nadine said…
you are on a scrapping FIRE!
jill said…
Congrats on the happy email!
Cynthia said…
You're makin me hungry! :)
Debi said…
Ok, girl... the layouts rock! But, why is it that it seems like every time I visit your blog, you're tempting me w/some delectable goody! Huh? :)
Pound said…
come on, pinky- brownies??!!!
we can take over the world with tacos though. i totally had carnitas taco today. cuz of you.
awesome pages. you nerd.

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