okay. go.

we're having some more perfectly weird weather here again.
it rained yesterday. uh, that was not in the forecast! and then all of a sudden, it was sunny.
oh, and it snowed in malibu. in MALIBU of all places. so it was in the hills, but still.

my camera hasn't been getting much action from me lately. i think i'll go for a walk with it tomorrow. i wanted to do that yesterday because the sun and clouds get all lovely after it rains (and puddles are cool), but it was kind of chilly and i didn't want to go out. apparently, it'll rain this weekend, so maybe i'll get to shoot that.

i made more french onion soup yesterday. and then i ate it 3 times in the last 2 days. obsessed much? maybe. linda laughed at me. actually, i made her crave it. twice. and then breanne laughed at me too. and then my mother went "you like that stuff too much."

i made linda crave cupcakes too. because i read about this cool cupcake place on jamie waters's blog and i hunted it down through google and i told linda about it. it's near school, so i think i need to stop by one of these days. like, as soon as possible. i was going to go today, but i had to go to target. and i bought this cute top -

but a red one. i was originally going to get this one, but i tried them on and settled on the red. elaine said it was "sooo you."

unfortunately, they were sold out of what i originally went there for.

these stores need to come to LA. it's like, my favorite clothing store in japan. actually, i just really want to go to japan and shop there right now. and do a lot of other things. i'm really hoping i get to go this year.

i'm totally into tea right now. especially because i drank a lot of it when i was sick. i mean, i totally love coffee, but tea is good too. especially a good cup of chai.

so grey's made me cry tonight. i don't usually cry during tv shows or movies. grey's tends to make my cry, though. but seriously. good episode. yep.

and now it is friday and i am thrilled. i hope i scrap up a storm!


Pound said…
hate this weather!!! hate the cold!
and you, me and jamie are gonna have to get some cupcakes together. i never got to make that soup cuz of my migraine. maybe tomorrow.
i still want it.
~currant7 said…
oh oh! love the banner too. so so you! :)
MichelleLanning said…
totally cute top -- and I too can not believe it rained and is soo darn cold here --
Wendy Reed said…
Wayyyyyyyy super cute top!!

And I so want to go to that cupcake store. We just had "The Cupcakery" open here. I am waiting until Leslie gets here to go.

Greys was super sad huh? I refrained from crying! YAY!
nadine said…
grey's made me cry last night too...in fact it made me sob considering my current circumstances. i should really stop watching.
Monica said…
cute shirt.
and um cupcakes!! yum!
i've been searching
and searching for a bakery
that will just sell me 1 cupcake. and no luck :(

oh. and i cried watching greys too.
Valerie said…
That top is super cute!! I wish they had Target over here!! THe cupcake store looks yummy!! Grey's made me cry too last night!! Good show!!
Christy said…
Hiya girlie! How are you? I *LOVE* that top from T - it's so cute and so you! :)
michelleguray said…
you always make me hungry when i read your blog! lol and i love your new banner and all the pinkness!

French onion soup : do you try it into the oven with the "gratinée" version, with a little bit of cheese on the top and some bit of toasts???

It's the best version I know (gorgeous one) personnally.

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
Breanne said…
i want a cute cupcake place near me.

EK said…
Grey's made me BAWL too. Seriously. And now I want to go to Target and buy things! Wish it was spring weather so that cute cute top of yours wouldn't be too cold to wear here! :)
Leeslie Ashe said…
DID you know you're the CUTEST girl ever? :) Man your banner SCREAMS cuteness!!!! LOVE that fun top! Can't wait for CHA!! SEE YOU SOON!!
Leslie Ashe said…
Just so you know...that was ME...I just need to learn how to spell my name OR maybe I just need to go to bed? HA! HUGS~!
melissa said…
the weather is really crazy here in AZ too..rain, snow, ice..just plain crazy

love your new top! and that cupcake shop makes me want to live in CA so I could go with you ;)

I cried during Greys too..but it was an awesome episode.

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