i went for a walk.

i had a revelation last night about shooting in manual. all this time, i thought that i had to focus manually too (because i thought both the dial and the thing by the lens had to point to M). this was frustrating me to no end because i seriously suck at guessing distance!

but then i found out you can use autofocus even in manual mode. DUH!
i felt like an idiot.
but now i don't really have an excuse not to shoot in manual.

anyways. i was really itching to take a bunch of pictures with my camera, so i went out for a walk. i almost got run over a few times, which resulted in those drivers giving me dirty looks...and i also got several curious looks, but it was fun. and i ended up with over 100 pictures. i really should do this more often.

some of my cooler shots...

i took a lot of pics of street signs.

this struck me as interesting. so i shot it.

i'm a sucker for puddles and reflections.

this sign always cracks me up when i pass by it. i mean, it's buried in a tree.

we all know which one i am. i wanted more of the focus to be on "night owls" but i walked away.

i'm doing this photo scavenger hunt at KMA. one of the words was "path." i thought this might work.

i liked this hose thing.

this one is for lines. and i think electric poles are cool.

later today, i checked out pinkberry. it's a very cool frozen yogurt place - good frozen yogurt that actually tastes like yogurt instead of wanna-be ice cream. with toppings and all. including cap'n crunch. the place had very cool decor, too. they also prohibited photography, but i snuck this shot in. not an easy task when you have a large camera ;)

good stuff. and they're opening one closer to home! yay



Pound said…
those are awesome pics. pretty good for an "idiot" =P
Toni said…
GREAT photos!!
lee woodside said…
Fantastic photos!
scrapcat said…
cool photos!
especially the one of the graffiti.
Alison said…
These are so COOL!
nadine said…
why would they prohibit photography? that just seems weird. great pics though dude. you are totally making me want a nicer, better camera.
caroline's valentine!:) said…
LOVE the pictures Caroline!

Your Secret Valentine
noell said…
Some very cool pics! I've been wanting to go out for a walk and take some like this too. Your shots totally inspired me and I think I'll do it sooner than later!

I shoot manually and I just switched my focus from manual to automatic last week because my vision is blurry looking through the camera. I cannot tell when the focus is just right. Tired of getting blurry photos that I thought were focused, I switched. At least for now, until I see better.

Anyway, I love your photos.
Amber said…
i need to do this more often.
taking stuff in.
it's FREEZING here.
so....i don't know about right this moment.
but i need to...
these turned out great girl.
Christy said…
Omg girlie! These photos are FABU! Wow! What kind of camera do you use? I'd love a new one but there's so many great ones, I don't know which one to choose. Hmmmm... decisions, decisions. :) Happy weekend!
Shirls said…
wow!!! great photos, caroline:)
Elise said…
dude, i just went to pinkberry! so fantastic!
EK said…
Oh that frozen yogurt looks delish!

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