i was stranded in san diego...

no seriously.
linda and i (and my new baby, aka my camera) took a little road trip into san diego to visit amy. it was going to be a day of lots of food and beachiness and pictures and fun. right?

yeah. well. that's what we thought. but then as soon as we exited the freeway, this happened -

a a messed up bolt in the crank shaft = a snapped timing belt = the car stalling = towing. nice. so we find out that to change the timing belt, everything has to come out of the car. so we would have to stay overnight. okay, that's fine, we thought, because then we could go to happy hour at TGIF. the next day, we call and find out that someone apparently got the wrong parts and so the car would not be ready. so what was supposed to be a little day trip turned into a 3-day trip.

it was still fun, though. you know, minus the lack of clean clothes and such. and amy was a doll for letting us crash her place for 2 nights. we ate a lot, took a lot of pictures, and puffy painted/sewed for hours (she had to make gifts for her service frat). we also watched some crappy movies, pored over facebook for hours, and tried to take some emo pics. ha. and of course, i do love the beach. good times.

here are some pics.

so i'm in my final days of winter break and i feel like the 4 weeks have just whizzed by. and i've hardly been home! i'm hoping to take it easy these last few days, chill, read the book and magazine i just got, and actually SCRAP the gazillions of pictures i took these last few weeks (actually, i took the most in the last few days).



hope everything will be better for you now!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
nat said…
gorgeous pix - hey and sitting in rainy cold nasty Germany I think " I would love the be stranded in San Diego" LOL
Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you were able to turn a bad situation into a lot of fun! The pics are terrific... glad you're enjoying your "baby"!!!!
Carolines Valentine said…
Hi Caroline!

Just popping in to say HELLO from your secret valentine!!

Checking out your blog and your 2peas gallery right now!

Have a great day!

carolines valentine
melissa said…
talk about a road trip ;) hope everythings ok now

on the bright side you took some awesome pictures! so jealous you got to go to the beach.

Happy new year!
EK said…
School breaks are never long enough! :) But sounds like you had a blast! Love your pics!
Kristi Sauer said…
That really stinks about your car :) Go make a complaint here http://www.carcomplaints.com/
nadine said…
love the flip flop shot. really making me miss summer!
Anonymous said…
4 weeks?
NEw camera - lovin the pics
Sorry about that car thing though
lauren said…
hey there!
just a quick note to say that i saw all of your awesome pages in the jan. 07 scrapbook trends mag! WAY TO GO!!
keep on creating!!
Debi said…
Hey, everything turned out great in the end... except, I'm sure, the bill for the car! LOL Wonderful pics... I especially love the flip-flops in the sand. Oh, and the tacos... yummy! :)
maggie Holmes said…
fun photos! and those tacos look so yummy!!!

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