hello hello hello.

let's see...

- i went to target 3 times in 3 days. really, i didn't plan for it to be that way. but it seems like everytime i make ONE target trip, i end up making more in the next day or two. sheesh.
- i need to cut my hair. it's getting long and annoying.
- because of linda, i made cupcakes. i swear, one day we're gonna take over the world withour food obsession.
- my mojo keeps coming and going in short spurts. usually when i whine about it, it appears and disappears quite quickly.
- why is it that everytime i go to buy one ink cartridge, another starts running out?
- excited for CHA next week. i'll be there monday and probably tuesday, but maybe sunday instead. can you tell i'm really great at planning?

i leave you with these -

linda's dare. and yeah, gotta love the love i get from my friends...haha!

i'm loving them ticketa (which are on sale for 25 cents)!

have a good one :)


Pound said…
love those pages!!! gimme some tickets. i mean ticketa. haha.
and you started this fos chain, i just continued it with the cupcakes. =P
Alison said…
Your scrappages is awesome
DLing ticketa
Nat said…
awesome pages!
nadine said…
great scrappiness as usual.
Anonymous said…
Your layouts are so fun! And now...I have cupcakes on the brain...
RACHEL =) said…
Wow, your blog looks awesome - love the colors!! Sorry for the long absense!

Rockin pages - you really got mad talent girl, I love your stuff! And cupcakes?! yummmmmm, love me some cuppycakes! =)

Glad all is well!! And if you talk to Michelle, tell her to call me, I miss her tons!!
island girl said…
love your new layouts, and i am sooo jealous you're going to CHA!! Now go get your haircut before it annoys you even more!

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