CHA part 1

i really should be going to bed because i have to get up early again tomorrow, but i figured i'd post some pictures.

i got there and immediately felt really overwhelmed, so i ended up walking around with the TWTD crew. thanks kirsten, kristi, nisa and gen for letting me follow you around all day!

i didn't take that many today. tomorrow, there will be more!

gen, kristi, nisa, me and kirsten

me and ruth

the DD crew

i went to the MM reception and it was fun! met lots of people and the staff rocked (especially the editors from the book division).

me + debbie and may from my days on the SBA team (why is it that i met all these SBA girls AFTER our term? lol) and hillary h.

kitty is tall. i am short. so i stood on a chair...hahah

more tomorrow! i'm planning to walk the floor by myself tomorrow, taking everything in. should be slower tomorrow, so i should be okay.

oh, and the new american crafts is 10x more amazing in person. and it was pretty freaking amazing on the web to begin with!


Pound said…
wasn't it crazy?
good luck tomorrow. and you didn't call me???
you're practically down the street. =P
nadine said…
woo! can't wait to see some more pictures!
StaciCal said…
looks like you had a blast!! So what are you the most excited about of all the new product???

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