it's cold.
and not just by so-cal standards. the highs have been in the 50s, and the lows have been in the low 30s.
this is after a few days in the 80s!

so on top of that...i'm sick. four days of coughing, sneezing and runny noses. blech.
so i've been resting, going through lots of kleenex, and drinking lots of tea.
i also made this -

mmm. french onion soup. quick & easy french onion soup. you can get the recipe here. and after looking at this picture, i'm craving some more. hahaha.

oh. and i fulfilled my chipotle craving the other day. yaaay :)

so other than that, i've -
- celebrated my dad's birthday.
- tried to fiddle with the camera. i'm working on the take pictures of the little random happy things in your home challenge from elsie. i'm not done yet, so it'll be up later.
- eaten too much at my aunt's barbeque/potluck/family get-together. they had foreign exchange students over from japan.
- not scrap but i'm thinking i'll go do that after this.



Pound said…
man i had french onion soup today cuz of you.
us and our food. ha.
milkcan said…
Hope you feel better!
melissa said…
I know isn't the weather just plain crazy! one day its in the high 70's the next in the low 50's :P

hope you feel better soon. that soup looks really yummy
Jane said…
Yum, that looks delicious, going to check out the recipe now! Thanks.
Kerry said…
Hope you're feeling better.
nadine said…
i've never had french onion soup but that looks yummy!
Toni said…
How you feelin' better...Being sick SUCKS! That soup looks amazing...and I love the new banner!!!
Jocelyn said…
yeah man, i know how you feel with the sickness. and yeah, i ate chipotle even though my throat was too swollen for it to properly go down it.
EK said…
You always take pictures of your yummy food!!
Jamie K said…
never had french onion soup. but i have a cousin that loves it.

i don't like the coldness we're having here in So Cal. will it just rain already?

i have an idea. since i dissed you by being in Alhambra and not telling you AND i dissed Linda by having dim sum without her, how about all three of us eat dim sum in Alhambra one of these days? that way I can make it up to you both at the same time.

i'm sick too. had the cough and runny nose for 4 weeks now. finally seeing the doctor tomorrow. thinking walking pneumonia maybe...
Breanne said…
linkage is fixed ;)
Debi said…
Yep... too cold for me, too! Hope you're feeling better... we need to meet at CHA! :) And, dang you for getting chipotle without me! hahaha
Amber said…
i love me some french onion soup.
i might just have to cook.

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