i was tagged by bethany and i almost forgot. but i remembered, so here it is!

A - Available or single: uh. yes. anyone know any nice, available guys out there?
B - Best Friend: i don't just have one. i have a group of rather close friends.
C - Cake or Pie: cake :)
D - Drink of choice: coffee. or diet pepsi with lime
E - Essential item you use everyday: my computer. and lip gloss.
F - Favorite color: i don't actually have one because i like ALL colors. hahah!
G - Gummy Bears or worms: bears. except they have to be the original ones...no cheapo imitation ones because they just aren't as good.
H - Hometown: alhambra, CA
I - Indulgence: right now, it's my bag of hershey's kisses. i'm surprised i haven't finished them yet.
J - January or February: january. no specific reason.
K - Kids & Names: kids? what are those? :P
L - Life is Incomplete Without? pretty paper ;). HA.
M - Marriage Date: i'm not married, dude
N - Number of Siblings: i'm an only child :P
O - Oranges or Apples: apples
P - Phobias or Fears: i've got a few. hehe
Q - Fave Quote: "one of the keys to happiness is a bad memory." - rita mae brown
R - Reason to Smile: it's vacation!! whoo
S - Season: summer. because it's always summer here.
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: hm...nichole, michelle g, linda (because she has yet to be tagged, i think)
U - Unknown Fact about Me: i'm an overachiever. sort of. but i'm a lazy overachiever. does that even make sense?
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: eggplant
W - Worst Habit: staying up too late, waking up too late
X - Xrays: leg, teeth, chest
Y - Your Fave Food: i can go on and on about this.... hahaha!
Z - Zodiac Sign: gemini :)

i'm on vacation now! yay! :)
i'm thisclose to buying my camera (i have to go SEE it first though). yay!
i spent all day reading about lenses
i'm going to vegas! yay!
i'm going to the cheesecake facoty tomorrow (i think) for free. yay!
i'm on vacation and haven't scrapped yet. boo.
i was supposed to go to target to buy a mini christmas tree...but i totally forgot.
i went to the post office today and the line was annoyingly long (jamie...if you're reading this...you have journals coming your way. i think it'll arrive tomorrow)
i got my paper back already. i did surprisingly really really well. but i still think it's the worst paper i've ever written.

i have officially run out of things to say. ha.


Anonymous said…
This is awesome!
Stealing it.
Congrats on your A!!
nadine said…
i can't wait to be done.
i can't wait to be done.
Anonymous said…
Love your ABC list!
Jamie K said…
thanks the heads up!
I will be stalking my mailbox until it comes...

enjoy your time off!! scrap away!
Anonymous said…
Cool! I'm so glad you did it...it was fun reading about you! I noticed some of your work in the KMA design team hopefuls...good luck! You're SO tallented!
Anonymous said…
oooh my first tag. i'll be on that, stat. by stat, i mean, within the next week.
and i'm gonna be having that same problem with the food one. way too many faves.
Anonymous said…
you don't like eggplant??? used to be my fav veg...i still like it, just not my fav anymore
melissa said…
great answers ;) and I am so saying YAY too for not having classes for a couple weeks! and congrats on your good grade on the paper.

enjoy your holiday
michelleguray said…
oooo i've never been tagged before and this is a fun one! i'm so with you on e. congrats on your paper and yay for vacation!
Anonymous said…
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Leslie Ashe said…
YAY on your A!!!!!!!!!
Caro...you're the cutest!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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