random bits about the last few days -

- i bought these because i discovered them on clearance, and well, why not right. anyways. my friend is having a party tomorrow and we're doing this secret santa exchange. and i kept telling people to spread the word that these were on my list. but i didn't think anyone knew who had me. so i bought them today, came home, told my friend that i bought them. and then she was like "OMG YOU NEED TO RETURN THEM." so i went and returned them a few hours later. guess they will be mine again tomorrow. haha.

- yeah so target was horrendous today. this is what i get for being a procrastinator. everyone should learn from me and not procrastinate. it's bad!

- was hanging out at a friend's and we were scrolling through old livejournal entries. some of us posted some pretty hilarious conversations from AIM on there that we'd forgotten about. being the dorks we were, we acted them out. it was too funny. i think they need to be on a TV show. maybe i'll write one. combined with some of the funny things my family does (i.e. my mother and her sister wearing home my cousin's shoes after family gatherings) it would be such a riot. haha.

- elaine and i also updated our sexy/hot/super-attractive men list. once a year we get bored and come up with it. haha.

- i went to memories earlier this week. everything was 30% off. total spent = $3.14. i mean. seriously. lame.

- i was supposed to purchase my camera on wednesday. but i took the check that would provide the funds for it to the bank and was told i have to wait 5 days for it to clear. which means i have to wait until the 28th (when i won't be here, so i guess the 29th). i am way too impatient and want it NOOOOW.

- had some GOOD pho today! yummm

- some random pictures. i haven't been snapping anything all that interesting, just really random things. and apparently, i can't stop shooting out-of-focus pics of holiday lights. haha!

japanese new years decoration. technically, it's decorative rice cake. it went on the family new years card (which got sent out to japan. in japan, they're the equivalent of christmas cards).



Anonymous said…
Very cool pics! Have a Merry Christmas!
EK said…
Woohoo for new shoes! :)
Breanne said…
ahhhh! i didnt hear that about the camera! that is LAME!!!!

im hoping you get it asap!
nadine said…
cute shoes! do people look at you funny when you set your timer on your camera to take pictures of your shoes? i wish i pulled my camera out the way you do.
Joyeux No√čl & meilleurs voeux!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

ps : I've got a x-mas envlop for you. where can I send it to you please? Merci!!!
island girl said…
love your randomness and your blurry christmas light photos...!

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