merry christmas!

hope everyone had a great christmas! :)
went to my friend's christmas party for some secret santa fun, cranium, and food. went to my aunt's for some good food (& dessert!), presents and good 'ol fun. the pictures from either event didn't come out so well, so i'm not posting them :)

my parents left for vegas/laughlin yesterday so i've had the house to myself...did this page with the cocoa daisy kit late last night while watching some gilmore girls.

i'm off to vegas tomorrow! :)


Bonjour Caroline!!!
Merci for your message yesterday on MS!!!
Hope you have cool celebrations & cool gifts for x-mas!

Beautiful LO done!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
Anonymous said…
sounds like you had a great christmas day. have fun in vegas:)
EK said…
Sounds like an awesome Christmas! :) Have fun in Vegas!!
island girl said…
sounds like a great holiday! have fun in vegas!

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