holy december.

um, yeah. the year is ending in a few weeks? un-freaking-believeable.

i ended up continuing the POD thing without really thinking about it. so here goes.


my mom brought me some pho and it came with disposable wooden chopsticks. whilst i was eating, i found the "anyching" on the wrapper to be aort of amusing.


i went to the japanese market...saw this cute little pudding thing. it has little pudding cups inside...but i fell in love with the adorable little pudding head container. and it's a piggy bank so i have a use for the thing after i eat up the pudding.


this is my neighbor's dog. a miniature bulldog. i think she's adorable. she sits herself in front of our door. it's funny. because when you come play with her, she'll sit her heavy booty on your feet so you won't try to move away. ha. silly dog.

so i had a bunch of things i wanted to accomplish this weekend. problem is that i didn't accomplish most of it. i did tackle some scrappy stuff and opened up my book (which came LATE and made me really behind). but that means i still have to read another 190 or so pages. anyway, after sighing heavily in relief about the hellish week i had last week, i am starting to realize that the next two weeks are only going to be slightly easier. which is fine, because after the 12th, i have almost a month off. yayness.

so anyway. i'll share some scrappies.

of course, i had to do a digi. (angela, if you're reading this, e-mail me, por favor)

i went shopping last week and spotted the new basic grey paper, so i proceeded to snatch it up. i am proud of myself for using it within a week. my new basic grey usually ends up sitting there for months because i like to look at it and stroke it and admire it. this also happens to be my bio LO at scrapsahoy

my first LO for those were the days. i was so excited to get this kit in the mail because it was gooorgeous. :)

oh. and it's BRUIN TOWN!! whoo. that was a sweeeeet game. seriously. nothing like dethroning them trojans. yeah, baby.



Anonymous said…
that bulldog is SO cute! love all the pages
nadine said…
love the pics. as always. i wanted to continue with december, i really did. and i've only missed the first couple days so maybe i still could.
EK said…
Anyching, love it! And Jacob LOVES pho! It's his favorite thing! I almost threw up the first time I saw him eat it! I'm not adventurous enough to eat that kind of stuff. :)
Anonymous said…
love your LOs and that doggie is toooooo precious!
amy said…
loving the sparkles in your spidergirl LO! wow. cute doggie, too! :)
Anonymous said…
that dog= cute!!!
and love the scraps. i might need to get some new bg.
michelleguray said…
heehee love your pics alot! ooo and you already got some new bg. i can't wait to get my hands on it but i'm just like you. i like to just look at it for a while before i do anything to it!
PROLIX from la Normandie said…
salut you!!!
the yellow thing is too funny!
the puppy too! ;oD
and the LOs are stunning, merci for sharing!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

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