whoo! friday!

POTDs first -


i happened to procrastinate all day on homework that i should've started 2 weeks ago. i also kept getting distracted all day nor did i really WANT to do what i was doing. so after it started getting late, i got sick of thinking, so i went to bed figuring i'd get up around 6 to finish up. the alarm went off at 6, i kept hitting snooze, and finally turned the alarm off and then next thing i know it's like almost 8 and it's my normal wake-up time. uh-oh, right? so i rush to finish what i can...i get to class and find out that the stupid thing isn't due til tuesday. moral of the story - GO TO CLASS.

(p.s. check out the book i had to read - the woman warrior. i hated it at first, but i ended up really loving it.)

my milk green tea. good stuff. and this is the one way to get me to drink milk. i hate drinking milk by itself. you wonder why i'm so short - it's because i hated milk as a kid (and, well, it runs in the family. you should see us cousins trying to compare who's taller. we get really really anal about it). but yep. milk green tea is yummy.

i've gone completely digi happy this week because, well, there are all these new goodies to play with at DD. you must check out the store on sunday because there will seriously be some AWESOME stuff in there. LOTS and LOTS of it. some previews -

this was made using a new speed byte. seriously. i love these things. love the designs pattie comes up with. and rumor has it that kellie is coming out with some templates too? also used a new mindy terasawa kit.

a really random one. i don't really remember what i used on here...except an torn edge overlay by anna aspenes...which i'm loving because i'm a total sucker for torn edges in my paper LOs and now i can use them in my digis (without trying to make my own, which as made them look quite fugly). whooo!

grey's blurb of the week - okay, next week's episode is going to be a GOOD one. 'nuff said. i'm still digesting this one. haha.

looking forward to thanksgiving weekend next week! although i still can't quite believe that thanksgiving is already next week? remember, it's still summer in my world (or mind).

off to bed now!


Anonymous said…
Those LOs are AMAZING
Sophia C. said…
Wonderful layouts! I'm short too but I thought it was because I drink too much Diet Coke! ;) Have a fun weekend! And I'm feeling a bit guilty about how excited I am over Greys on a Thanksgiving Day! what a way to end the day, right!?

Bonjour Caroline!
Merci for sharing!!!

PROLIX from la Normandie
{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
Debi said…
OK, girl... look out! I just found your blog (where the heck have I been?)... so I'm stalking away! And, you were right about the goodies coming to DD... your sneaky peeks are REALLY making me wish it was Sunday! Aaaaagggghhhhh! :)
Julie Ann said…
Do you have a link for that particular speedbyte????? :D

Christy said…
Awesome job on the digi lo's as always girl! I'm short too - is that why... cuz I don't drink enough milk? lol! I've never heard of green tea milk... may have to give it a whirl one of these days. Happy weekend! :)
Anonymous said…
neener neener, told you woman warrior was GOOD. =P~ and i have so done that. except a few times i showed up scrambling, only to find out class was cancelled.

and love all the scraps. love! you do really good digis.

and milk is grody. soymilk is good. cow milk, not so much.
EK said…
Love me some grey's. Can't wait until next week. And how unfair is that you can drink milk but don't like it but I'm lactose intolerant and I LOVE milk?? :)
nadine said…
milk green tea?
no. just gross.
RitasCottage said…
gorgeous pages, and love your new banner! hope you had a great weekend.
Anonymous said…
I love the LOs!
Cool banner and new photo! :)

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