'Tis November already...

...and I decided to join Alison and do a photo-a-day.

I think it was exactly a year ago when I started my first one. I haven't taken a ton of pictures lately, and well, I don't have that many very recent pics to scrap. I do have a lot of older pictures I could scrap, but sometimes I get sick of them and need a break from them.

Soooo...here's the first -

I like piles. Well, I don't like 'em or hate 'em (okay I do hate them when they tumble) but I always end up with them. Magazines, books, paper, embellishments, clothes...yeah my room is full of piles. This happens to be one of them 0 it sits next to my bed. The problem with piles is that when I try to get something out of them, I just try to pull it out instead of taking the stuff on top off first. Then it tumbles. ha.

Couple of scrappy things -

me and linda. lots of paper salon papers on here. good stuff.

Inspired by a Jen McGuire LO. I loved how she colored in the ledger stamps. I had digi versions (this is a newer version of them, though) so I started off my LO digitally then went hybrid. I ended up getting paint all over the place, though, and then got impatient waiting for it to dry. ha. so I did another digi -

Speaking of scrappy things - deadline for Crop Addict DT submissions are due on the 4th!! Get your entries in! Seriously. Just do it!

Yep. Happy November! :)


Michelle said…
Great stuff Caroline! Love the one with the digi stamps!!
Anonymous said…
WOo hoo
Cause I started doing it because of you
and then you come back
oh it's POETRY
RACHEL =) said…
LOVE the layouts, as always!! You do awesome work, girlie!!
I have piles in my scraproom that look like that too!!! =P
Rita said…
Cool pic (I can totally relate to the pile thing)! and Cool pages...as always. love your schtuff girly.
jill said…
Oh man I love all your stuff, but especially that second layout!
island girl said…
lovin' your layouts girl!
nadine said…
i'm doing a november potd too. :) but haven't posted any yet.

and might i add that whenever you scrap i am always jealous that right now i have NO TIME to scrap? the picture of your friend in the last layout is gorgeous!
linda b. said…
i really like that last page. awesome.
and i hate piles. =P
Anonymous said…
Piles are good...till mom comes over to visit and notices them covered in dusts! Hahaha!

Love the last LO -- it so worked and so awesome!
EK said…
Ooohhh I love that 2nd LO! You knock my socks off!
Jocelyn said…
piling is my thing, man
love all the scrappiness you rocked.
Anonymous said…
i love your new blog look
and love the mag pile
and you are just too cool

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