TGIF. i mean REALLY.

coming off a very stressful week. everything was due this week. just crazy.

and i stressed out and freaked out quite a bit. i'm a mostly chill person. i don't like stressing out. i don't usually stress out. but this week...a whole different story. my skin was even breaking out this week! oy.

but anyways. all done and all good. phew.

so i'll be relaxing with some blog posting. and scrapping. even though it's "required" scrapping. ANY scrapping is fun.

i just realized that i'm at the end of the month. which means it's my last POD for november. i'm thinking of continuing for december, or doing a scavenger hunt type thing like this. we'll see. i guess i should make up my mind now since it's december in about an hour.

okay. so. sidetracked. anyway.


i walked into forever 21 after class. for no reason, really. i like to browse. it gets them creative juices flowing. that forever 21 used to be a saks. so it looks really pretty. eye candy. so i take pictures.


i went to starbucks and got a gingerbread latte, finally. i wanted one last weekend but i got lost on the way to the starbucks in laughlin. i need to go to borders for that seattle's best's gingerbread latte. because they put a little gingerbread man on the top and it's the cutest thing ever. that will make me really happy.


so i went to bed last night and woke up this morning planning to do alison's day-in-the-life thing on skulls. so i woke up this morning took this (my alarm clock is about 15 minutes early and this was after i went to the bathroom. so technically it's before 8:30). except, i ran out of the house but forgot my camera. so that plan was scratched. i guess i'll do it sometime next week.

so in my stress, i missed grey's. boo hiss. will watch online tomorrow (the beauty of hi-speed!)

scrappy things-

the new crop addict kit is up! it was AWESOME. loved it lots. :)

there was a GORGEOUS digi freebie kit in the new CK, and i couldn't help but play immediately -

have a good one!

oh - and GO BRUINS!!!!!!!! (yes, i know USC is heavily favored. i don't care. i want them to lose. badly)



Bonjour Caro'!
Your LOS are full of light, fun, sun and pleasure!

Merci to give us this!

so cool!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
Just got done catching up on your bloggie blog :O) cool stuff!! So funny that pic you took of the bear hibernating ahhahaa. The campus is beautiful!!! Your picture taking skills are incredible! LOVE your newest pages! Didn't get a chance to read the journaling or anything...but as usual total eye candy....and HOLY HECK LOVE the way you used the buttons!! :O)
Ok...I'm a little tipsy after a couple beers...I better get to bed before I start rambling..........or have I already done that??!! lol.
Anonymous said…
love the scraps!!!! and i can't believe you missed grey's. has hell frozen over?
if you come over you can have a cupcake w/ cream cheese frosting.
Anonymous said…
sorry this week was so stressful.
happy friday and enjoy your weekend.
gorgeous pages, btw.
sarahbe said…
LOVE all the layouts Caroline!!! YOU are the one that ROCKS it, always sweetie!!
Rita said…
sorry you've had a stressful week. kinda there w/ ya! those dec. 1st deadlines lurk right on up.... Your pages are gorg girl. Love everything you create.
michelleguray said…
love all your scrappies and i'm particularly taken with your digi ones. they are gorgeous. and it's so awesome you did a pod for the entire month. i keep planning to do that too but i'm too forgetful!
Michelle said…
Wow wow wow! You've been scrapping up a storm! Love your layouts!!!!

Happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
you are a busy girl
Love that you started with the alarm
Stresshappens yo
Grey's was OK.
nadine said…
i forgot my camera at home over the weekend so there went my idea of doing a december potd.
Jocelyn said…
glad you got through it!
just checkin up on you and
hope you didn't relax TOO much over the weekend, although i'm sure you can't. not too much, that is.

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