way excited about this.

okay. next order of business. some photo-of-the-day action.


self-portrait. love the lighting. guess where i took it? the bookstore. stop laughing.


so today (yesterday, whatever) i was went off in a pursuit of a "fall" picture. just because a bunch of people on my blog list >>> are talking about how they're in the holiday spirit...and i haven't even began to be in a fall mood yet because of the weather (although it felt kinda fall-ish today). i'm still in summer mode, sort of. so i wanted to take a "fall picture." this is it. even though linda looked at this and went "brown leaves on grass is fall?" pffft. that's as close to fall you get in so-cal, right? but i just love how i'm wearing my flip-flops here. ha. i live in them. so i took this at this spot in the front of campus...under this shady tree which actually had yellow and orange leaves. lots of leaves on the ground. and i thought "yep, that is fall." and so i sat and took pictures.

yeah more self-portraits. stop laughing! i know i'm vain/weird/self-absorbed/whatever. blah blah.

almost thanksgiving! whoo.i'm sad that our whole family is celebrating my grandma's b-day and going to be out of town - which should be a blast, but that means missing my aunt's stuffing (i dig the chestnuts). for the second year in a row. boo hiss. but i'm glad these girls are coming home this weekend -

yeah, the berkeley kiddos that we hardly ever see. yay.

off to work on some much-procrastinated-on homework. lovely.


Anonymous said…
geez, it's almost thanksgiving! way too fast. but i love the holidays.
congrats on the dt!!! that makes it, what, 17 now? =P j/k, you're just that talented.

and ya, that pic- it just SCREAMS fall. =P~ but i haven't been out in flip flops for a while, i hate having cold feet. and today was cold. well it's cold right now. i know it's night, but still.
Anonymous said…
Never fails...You stuff is so damn CUTE!!!! GREAT photos too!
Vee said…
congrats on the dt!!
love your fall pics too :)
Lynn Anne said…
LOVE the layout, Caroline - great pic, and wonderful way to treat it! Cute pix too - love the 'fall in So. Cal feet' - lol. I WISH.
nadine said…
you're still wearing flip flops!? wtf that is not fall!
Breanne said…
eee!! it was that!! thats awesome!!!!!!

happy for you, girl! jealous, but happy!
michelleguray said…
your self-portraits always come out so well! and i love the page of linda and her son! it's awesome! flip-flops in november...i'm still wearing mine too! it's crazy!
michelleguray said…
oooo i forgot! congrats on the dt! that looks like an awesome club! yay!
Christy said…
Congrats on the dt, C!
That's wonderful news!
Love that lo...
and those pics!
Think I need a "So. Cal Fall" pic with flip-flops...
I totally hear ya on the not so fall-ish weather.
Kinda a drag, ain't it?

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