yesterday = november 6.
yesterday's high = 95 degrees.

today = november 7.
today's forecast says = 90 degrees.

um. seriously?! why is it so mofoing hot when it's almost thanksgiving?
and guess what's forecasted for next week? rain!
sheesh. gotta love the crazy, fluctuating so-cal weather.

here's yesterday's POD:


my grandma has several persimmon trees at her house. there are MANY growing on there this year. every year, the whole family takes home a bunch of dad brought a bucketful home yesterday. my mom was cleaning them today, and had them spread out all over the table. it was an interesting sight....but i took a close-up because she was like "here, this one's clean."

i should be in bed, but i leave you with this - if you're registered to vote, please do go out and vote today. i'm no big political person, but i do believe in voting. i even wrote an opinion about it when i was on newspaper. i hear so many people whine about various things (how financial aid keeps getting cut while tuition goes up, how bush sucks and how the war is stupid.....blah blah blah) and it's like, "did you vote?" and the answer a lot of the time is "no." truth is, you can't expect changes if you can't be the change. so do it. be heard. GO VOTE.

off to bed i go.
(ETA: i love how i edit my entry 3 times after i hit post)


Anonymous said…
love your hybrid layout!
awesome pic too!
Chris-el-da said…
cute cute
and sometimes not voting is still a person excercing their right to vote. or not vote. honestly, i would rather people not vote unless they know what they're voting for. i'm not voting this election cause i know nothing about the candidates. just didn't brush up on it before now. if i were to vote, it'd go to Kinky. and only cause i like his name, and really - how accurate is that? so. i'm gonna sit at home and not vote today.
amy said…
ugh share the nice weather w/ us here, please!!!!
linda b. said…
that page is awesome.

and ya, today's weather sucks. it's supposed to rain next week?? fwah. i remember a few yrs ago on thanksgiving (a few times actually lol) it was sooo hot. it was weird.
Julie Ann said…
Did you see the Talent Search on my blog???? :)
Anonymous said…
love the layout and the new banner, caroline.

p/s:did you love coming back and editing your entry when you were on dial-up? lol.
Anonymous said…
love that PIC.
Anonymous said…
Hey! Am loving the new blog look! :) And as always, wonderful layouts! I am off to get some bacon and eggs now too... I am drooling all over your photo! Lol.. Take care!
nadine said…
my potds suck this round because i dont go anywhere and its all snowy and gross out.
melissa said…
seriously, I totally understand what you mean about the weather ;) it was flippin 98 here in Arizona today..just when I thought the weather was finally cooling down.

cute cute LO!!
michelleguray said…
oh you just made my day with the mention of rain!! and your lo is so darn good! that is such a cute picture of you!!
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