- started off the weekend on wednesday by going out with the girls. one of them turned 21 at midnight, so we went to celebrate.

she looks not-so-happy because i was constantly shoving a camera in her face (yet again). ha.

- took off to laughlin thursday morningwith my whole family to celebrate both thanksgiving and my grandma's 88th birthday. we had to take my grandma's dog with us (everyone else stayed in a hotel, we stayed at my mom's sister's house because she lives nearby)-

and although she was sitting still for me to take some adorable pictures of her, even SHE started giving me the "stop taking pictures of me" face. even the DOG.

- hit the buffet with the family for thanksgiving dinner, then hit the casino to take advantage of my 21 privileges. i was quite upset that no one was carding me. i mean seriously. i really do not look 21. why wouldn't anyone card me?!

- there was an empty room so i ended up spending the night in the hotel. the next morning, went along with my mom, dad and aunt (and the dog) to kingman (small AZ town). had sonic (which we don't have in so-cal) for lunch, then headed down on route 66 with this gorgeous scenery

and through oatman back into laughlin.

- had prime rib for my grandma's birthday dinner. roamed the casino with my cousins, and while watching them play table games, FINALLY got carded 4 times or so (why would they not card me while i was PLAYING? geez).

- stayed with my grandma that night...went shopping the next morning and got some sweaters, a pair of skinny jeans, and some shoes, including this pair to replace my current ballet flats which have a hole in them.


-took a huge family picture, but some of us were missing.


- got back into so-cal late saturday night (sunday morning technically).

- it was actually COLD today. well, cold as in i actually wore socks today.


- crazy busy week ahead. if i can get through thursday, i will be good. just plenty of things due. why must everything come in waves?


Anonymous said…
everything do come in waves...same here...oh well...part of life and making us stronger. :)

love the photos...can't believe so-cal would be cold enough to require you to wear socks! :) wacky weather in vancouver though too so i could assume that it's affecting all areas in the west. :)

hope we both survive the week. i want to go home for the holidays already!
Anonymous said…
sounds like a fun one!

I hate when people/animals don't want their picture taken. I mean COME ON! LOL

Anonymous said…
I can totally understand the "camera in my face" look. I get it all the time. My moto is "have camera, will travel". Mine is ALWAYS with me. Drives my family nuts! lol! Sounds like your holiday was fab!!
nadine said…
when i first turned 19 (drinking age here) i never got carded! i was like what the heck was i waiting for then!
Jamie said…
cute socks! I have a few pairs of those myself...looks like you had an awesome weekend too!
Jocelyn said…
you know why people didn't card you? because of your hardcore confidence baby. you must've walked through that casino like you owned it.
Yo Cuz said…
You mean that you don't know that there's a Sonic in Fullerton?
Anonymous said…
holy shit those socks are scary! not a fan of toe wedgies...

i saved you some honeybaked... =P
Rita said…
Love reading your randomness :) and those flats you bought are darling!!
Anonymous said…
They do.
They DO come in waves.
They gotta stop with that.
Your pics rock
EK said… that picture your right foot looks siginificantly bigger than your left foot.... :)
Sarah said…
gorgeous pictures! Glad you had a good weekend!!!

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