pictures and such :)

first of all - it's my BDF linda's birthday for another 30 minutes - and she has a blog! WHOO HOO!! :) it's about freaking time :P

anyways. off we go with some PODs :)


yep. did you?


this was a random "it's 11:30 and i realized i forgot to take my picture of the day so i'll find something to take a picture of." it's a little view of my computer desk. i stuck the pencil sharpener on there because it's cute and i felt like it. it's cute, right?


so if you've ever been to japan, you might know that the convenience stores are WAY cool over there. i mean, not like the 7-11s over here. like WAY WAY WAY cooler. they sell cool bento boxes and other lunch items (beats those pizza roll things at 7-11). and they have cool desserts (i mean, i love slurpees and all but these beat them, hands down). so anyways. they opened one of those types of places near school. they've got a couple more locations in the LA area, and they're opening more soon. way cool. made me happy. i stopped by for some coffee and got a zucchini bread. good stuff. then i saw the rice balls. i love these rice balls in the cool seaweed wrapper. and they had lots of other cool stuff, but the rice balls. that made me quite happy (i know some of the japanese markets have them around here, but they're always out....and i never think to get one while grocery shopping). (p.s. - we're sooo going there, linda!)

so i have some new magnolia paper and a ton of pink martini goodies...but my mojo just decided to run off. not cool.

oh and grey's. SO. FRIGGIN. GOOD. omg omg omg. yep.

oh. and if you do digi, use PSE and live in the LA/OC area (or know someone who does), check this out:

Who do you know in LA/OC who digi scraps? Scrapbook LifeStyles needs someone STAT for their show- you interested? Here's the scoop- Scrapbook etc./Scrapbook LifeStyle Daily TV show is holding auditions for a Digital Scrapbook Designer to become a part of the regular cast. Watch the show to see if you think you have what it takes to be a part of this exciting team. Must be proficient in Photoshop Elements, scanning & printing and technologically savvy. Outgoing & fun personality a must, camera and/or teaching experience helpful but not necessary. Must live in Orange County/LA area. Approximately 5 taping days a quarter plus design work from home.

Send photo, a paragraph or two about yourself & link to your work to



Anonymous said…
i love how that "i voted" pic is actually a close-up of your boob. =P ya, i'm bored.
and i couldn't vote cuz my damn car was still missing a wheel/tire that day.

we need to go to that store. next time i'm at mom's. oh but wait- the hat! golden deli!
SpiderGirl said…
Your Japanese convenient store update just reminded me of something I wanted to tell you. So I'm a little into making the peace signs you and Michelle taught me- I do it while my family fumbles with their camera functions if they're taking a photo of me. Then I laugh at how cool and Asian I am. It's driving my husband crazy which is even more funny to me. So anyway, we were in L.A. the other day and the Hilton LAX lobby was over-flowing with Japanese tourists- seriously like a million waiting to get on a bus. To pass the time, they were taking photos of one another. I'll give you ONE guess what pose was their favorite. My husband was totally shocked- he thought you were exaggerating to me. Ha ha. Loved it!
Anonymous said…
Linda blog? Awesome
Voting? Righteous
Seaweed things? LOVE
Sharpener? The bestest
Caro? Rules.
Lana said…
Love your photos Caroline! & your whole new blogfacelift. :)
Robyn said…
Caroline, that store sounds cool! So "foreign" in a cool, interesting way! I'm jealous...we've nothing super interesting here in Maryland!
Chris-el-da said…
too bad i don't live in CA
... or do digi

thanks for the boob shot
oh and, are you jap?
i called yesterday while talking to flynn to tell you that we both think you're too happy and want to see some angst!


love you girl!
Jessica said…
The pencil sharpener is DEFinitely cute. AND I love the 11/9 photo. Isn't fall wonderful?
EK said…
No...I didn't vote...I suck...
Jocelyn said…
is that "i voted" button on your chest? because if so, i am really impressed that you got a picture.

like realllly impressed.
Linda said…
OK, totally lurking here for the first time, but how could I not post after the Japanese 7-11s? UGH! I am so effin' jealous it's not even funny. I so need to move back to CA. Those are not sprouting here in PA anytime in the future.

And of course you have no idea who I am... LOL!

(Linda --> three-cowboys at 2Peas)
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