New look!

i finally went ahead and put up a new banner. and then i thought the page looked too white, so i changed up the colors. i hope i never have to change it again, because it was a bit of a pain to go through the template code and change all the color codes. hah. i notice that the about me part is grey and doesn't match, but that's the one part i couldn't figure out AT ALL. oh well.

anyways. more pictures of the days.


this was lunch the other day. breakfast for lunch. i do love having breakfast stuff for lunch, or dinner even. just not really for breakfast, because i'm not so much of a eat a lot in the morning type person (although these days, i've picked up a mcgriddle at mickey d's in the morning sometimes).


i took a picture of my shirt. for no reason, really. i just wanted to take a picture of my shirt. so i did. and i figured "guess" could prove useful as a scrapbook page sometime down the road. ha.


i do love downton LA. i originally wanted a picture because the sky was red...but by the time i got close enough to want to take a picture, the sun already came down and the sky was pretty plan. but still. love downtown all lit up like this.


excuse all the food photos, but i really do love talking and eating food, so i guess this is what you get. ha. this was my lunch today. omelet rice. this is, like, my single most favorite lunch food. i must have it at least once a week. my mom always goes "aren't you sick of it yet?!" uh, not yet, mom. good stuff. i'm craving one again. hahah!

took a break from scrapping this weekend. scratch that, i took a break from paper scrapping - i didn't feel like clearing off my area so i could scrap. a nice chance to clear my mind, though, since i was in a bit of a rut...did do one digi LO with some mindy terasawa goodies - sooo excited to have her join us at designer digitals. yay! that place just gets better and better!

i did do this on thursday though, and it makes me happy. and cracks me up every time i look at it.

seriously. how many cameras did we need? my other group of friends would have really hated the number of cameras. hahah!


Shirley said…
a woman after my own heart! love all the food pictures! ;)
Vee said…
love the new look of your blog!
awesome photos too!
TessaAnnWatte said…
Oh, Miss Caroline, your blog makes me very hungry....and I am on a BIG-O-diet, so not fair..hehe!!

Love your digi pages, you work with digi just as well as paper!!

Have a super fabulous day :-)
nadine said…
awesome pictures dude. i need to post mine.
Chris-el-da said…
love love LOVE the hmitm one!
speaking of...
what's going on over there???
nichole said…
i like the new look, Caroline!! and YUMMO on those food pics!! you are too cute! and now..i want to visit L.A.---even more than i did before. :)
Anonymous said…
YOu my darling
Are on FIRE!
Kristi Sauer said…
Looks great! So, it is a total PITA to change the template, huh? Man, blogger stinks for that reason alone! LindsayT needs help changing hers too, but I couldn't help her because I use Typepad!
linda b. said…
ok that last page cracks me up so bad!!!

and you gotta get me an omelette rice. that looks good. ok so our list:
golden deli
omelette rice

melissa said…
great new banner and color scheme caroline! :)

those food pictures are making me

love the layouts too! that digi one is rockin
Michelle said…
YUM! The omelette rice looks good. Layouts are really cool too!

Oh yeah.. love your new banner and layout. You sure are patient to re-do all the codes and stuff. I don't think I'd have the patience!

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