a little motivation...

...was totally what i needed.


i took a little trip out to ucla today. mostly because i've felt unmotivated for a while and right now is the time when i should be most motivated, with transfer applications (round two) being due soon. when my original plans went awry (long story short, i was supposed to transfer this semester but i was planning to take a math/stats class over the summer, but i needed to have had taken it in the spring), my motivation tanked too.

so anyway. ucla is basically my dream school. i fell in love with it as soon as i set foot on campus back when i was a high school freshman (those were the days. ha). i'm not sure i'm going to get in because my major is crazy competitive. but i needed to see the campus again (i haven't been there in about 3 years) to motivate myself, to start pushing myself again, to tell myself WHY i should bother with stuff.

also had a chance to meet up with a friend who i haven't seen in a while, so that was cool. he showed me the dorms (the transfer dorms were NICE) and let me take advantage of his underused meal plans. i also ran into a couple of people from high school who i haven't seen for a few years, which was kinda funny because they thought i went there already. ha.

that place has a TON of stairs (and hills) though. i mean i thought it was just my out-of-shapeness, but my friend (mr. totally in shape) confirmed it for me.

a couple more pics -

(random pic i took while i was walking)

(i thought this was funny. is it because their football team was disappointing this year?)

(the library)



Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
ha you already have spam. after you posted 3 seconds ago.

ucla is cool. i wanted to go there. but i was too dumb to get in. =P
nadine said…
looks like a pretty place!
Anonymous said…
i hope that your dreams come true...and you are accepted! Never give up on what you know you really want! good luck!
island girl said…
girl...so glad you're getting remotivated! i remember when i lived in california i wanted to go to UCLA..the campus is gorgeous!
LUCILE said…
Je suis sûre que tu vas arriver à faire ce que tu souhiates dans la vie.

Take care !

A French Girl !
michelleguray said…
I guess I'm biased because my brother just graduated from there! And all the while I've never gone and seen the campus! good luck with everything, caroline!!!
EK said…
Wow UCLA looks awesome!

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