weekend update

- went down to the OC to celebrate my buddy julie's birthday. her party was quite interesting. it was nice to hang out with some good friends, though - i haven't seen some of them in a while! good times.

- i was supposed to meet up with linda and michelle when i got there friday night, but because we left over 2 hours later than anticipated AND hit a lot of traffic, it didn't happen. sorry girls :(

- it poured. we also saw lightning from the freeway.

- a bunch of us stayed the night, then had some yummy pho, which i'd been craving for awhile, for lunch on saturday. yum. (which reminds me. linda - we gotta go to golden deli. irvine pho doesn't really compare. lol).

- went karaokeing saturday afternoon. yay for a happy hour deal - $5 per person for 2 hours. the place had a totally cheesy name - Elvis?! (yes with the punctuation), but the song selection wasn't bad. i would say awesome, but they didn't have "since u been gone" and i was totally disappointed (had some good times singing it horribly and the top of our lungs while driving in norcal). hmph. belted out some japanese stuff with other julie. good times.

- accompanied my dad for gold panning pt. 2. the weather was horrible. it was freezing.

- rocking out to new music. yay for the new (okay, it's about a week old) killers CD :)


Michelle said…
Cool layout Caroline! Love your work as usual!! :D
Sounds like you had a great weekend!! I miss karaokeing.. heheh..
Lorrie said…
Sounds like your weekend was a blast! Love the lo -- you've got such an awesome style!
Anonymous said…
Rita said…
awesome layout caroline and luvin' that fun photo!!! sounds like a fun weekend :)
melissa said…
lovin the new layout-doesn't hambly rock? :)

sounds like you had a great weekend
linda b said…
ok first of all, i can't believe you ate pho w/o me! and now i'm really wanting some golden deli. which place did you go to in irvine though?
i love that page, it's so happy.
and i'm lmao that you went gold panning again =P~
TessaAnnWatte said…
Loving your work as always girl!
Have a great week!
Jamie said…
cute layout caroline!
I love the yesterday today tomorrow. Hambly is perfect...everything comes together.

Linda told me she was gonna meet up with you, but you were late. she was mad. ahahah just kidding.
Tracy said…
very cool project! looks great. : )
jill said…
Love that page. I can't believe you ditched out on Linda B. and Michelle. Gosh.
michelleguray said…
sounds like you had so much fun! i got hungry just reading your post! and i love your page!!
maggie Holmes said…
sounds like a fun weekend!
super cute layout!!
Anonymous said…
ok, i'm craving some pho now:) great layout and the camera loves you!!
island girl said…
what a kick ass weekend! i can't believe you can fit so much in just 48hrs!!

lovin' your hambly!
Leni said…

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