i feel like a list post today -

- i can't believe some of the odd things people search to find this blog. i haven't gotten poopy diapers in awhile (i used to get so many hits from people who searched that)....but i have gotten - how they kept cool in the alhambra (um, okay), dressing ghetto fab (i don't), i love the beach boobs (i don't have any, that's for sure), not over him (uhhh....), among other hilarious queries. hilarity. strange people.

- okay. so grey's. OMG. seriously. too many thoughts. but amazing episode. OMG. i don't know what else to say about it without going on and on and on....well i guess i can go on and on and on.... poor finn. drugged meredith = hilarious. meredith+addison convo = loved it. addison telling derek not to hurt meredith = loved it. i miss alex from the last few episodes. OMG mcdreamy - i said NOOO when he told mer that finn was the better one. and lots of other random thoughts. but i'll shush. i am upset that the writers' blog is not updated as of right now. i told linda this and she laughed at me. pfft.

- i got a very exciting package the other day. and i must say that these flowers are my new obsessions. i will not shut up about them, and if you have sat through my blabbing about them, i am sorry. but seriously. must have. and the first LO i used them on got picked up!

but i used it here too -

this was a photo swap with christina, aka one of my scrap idols. talk about exciting, but talk about pressure. hehe.

- i got to play with the mini-kit this month at crop addict. it's a fun challenge to see how much you can get out of a small kit seriously pushes you creatively. i recommend everyone try it. seriously. check it out. i have 4 LOs done, and i do have a bit of patterned paper left, plus a sheet of cardstock (i used a sheet from my stash, though).

(NOTE: i am currently taking donations for the "buy caroline a burberry coat fund." hahah)

- working on some projects right now. now that i've gotten into them....they're tons of fun.

- off to the OC tomorrow. it's my pal julie's birthday. good times, i hope.


linda b said…
NERD!!! but i totally post on a lost forum so...

and i am so taking you to oasis tomorrow, whether you like it or not. =P~
melissa said…
I know!-wasn't Grey's so rockin!! ;)

love love your layouts, those flowers are so cool
Alison said…
You are ROCKING them flowers.
Love it.
Corinnexxx said…
I have not seen that post on greys, nope, not seen it...we can probably see it next year over here, yes POOR me!

Loving the lo's!

Shirley said…
awesome layouts! you need to talk with your Starbucks lovin' sistah about the burberry! ;)
Anonymous said…
loving those flowers:) great layouts!!
Vee said…
grey was awesome last night
just love that show!
cool layouts as usual ;)
have fun in OC
nadine said…
these make me jealous. i haven't scrapped in like 2 weeks.
Chris-el-da said…
love these scrap goodies
and yeah grey's was much better this week
jill said…
love the new stuff caroline.
jill said…
oh and linda b posts on a lost forum!
michelleguray said…
oh i love those AC flowers!! awesome pages!!!
Anonymous said…
wow caroline! i LOVE your latest layouts! it's been awesome knowing you thru SBA and i'll keep up with you on your blog. take care, casey

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