i've been tagged by EmilyKate -

7 Songs I love right now:

1. How to Save a Life by The Fray
2. Sexyback by Justin Timberlake
3. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
4. The Heart of Life by John Mayer (i'm actually loving his whole new album, so I just picked a random song off it)
5. Better Together by Jack Johnson
6. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
7. It's Our Time Now by Plain White T's
(okay, so my music choices aren't too interesting. oh well)

7 People who should do this:
1. Michelle
2. Alison
3. Sarah
4. Rita
5. Jill
6. Amber
7. Christy

LOTS of birthdays this month (and by a lot...i mean a LOT).

oh, and looking forward to them playoffs....


oh, and crop addict is having a DT call. y'all must check it out. seriously. debbie is an absolute sweetheart and working for her has been SUCH a blast. and did i mention....the kits rock? seriously. go for it.


linda b. said…
i hate to say this, but may shawn green suck. =P
Christy said…
Oooh! LOVE that new Justin Timberlake one! It's not necessarily HIM that I love but his song has such a catchy jingle, don't it? And thanks for the heads up on the DT call... off to check that out! :)
EK said…
Copycat. Just kiddin! :)
Kat said…
yay for better together! and sexy back. lovin those songs right now too ;)
Jocelyn said…
aww i love your music! :)
Rita said…
Hi Caroline!! Fun music there...and I'll get to that tag. Thanks for thinkin' of me.
nadine said…
perfect songs, i love them all! except the john mayer song because i haven't heard it.
Amy said…
thought you didn't like sexy back...

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