good things, bad things, random things....

good things
* packages. good stuff in the mail lately. including the december crop addict kit that showed up much greatness in it. the november kit has lots of greatness in it, too. which reminds me that i have to play with it more before i move on to december.
* usc finally lost. YAY. can you tell i'm one of the few people (okay, exaggeration) in so-cal that really do not like them?!
* tackling my scrappy to-do list. almost done with my assignments, which seemed almost impossible last week.
* figure skating season officially kicked off this weekend. and i figured out that i can watch old programs on youtube. some of these programs are making me insanely happy right now.
* inspiration overload. surfing through blogs, galleries....
* an extra hour of sleep. always a good thing. (did you hear daylight savings is going to be longer starting next year?)
* george gershwin. quite possibly my favorite composer. he's definitely up there on my list of musical geniuses.
* new basic grey on its way. can that stuff get any more gorgeous?

bad things
* blogger was being dumb earlier.
* ucla lost. um....they're terrible. *sigh*
* i went to watch the clippers friday and they STUNK up the place. terrible, terrible game where there was no defense OR offense. ugh. oh well. still preseason, right?
* i'm out of printer ink. yellow ink to be exact.
* i'm behind on hmitm challenges again. i tackled one yesterday, now i must tackle more. i just need to scrap 24/7. yep yep.
*it's my mama's birthday. and my buddy judy's (yay, another one to join the 21 club). that's the end of them october birthdays on my list....

random thoughts
* why is it, like, 80 degrees when it's almost november?
* and why is november, like, almost here already?
* so i just read this on another blog....but christmas is in 8 weeks. WHOA.
* i have this love/hate relationship with coming up with these brilliant ideas right as i'm falling asleep. love because, well, ideas are always good, and bad, because i can't fall asleep because of them. i've jotted everything down in this notebook though, so i don't forget when i wake up. now if i could come up with brilliant ideas in my waking hours, that would be nice!
* i need foam brushes. or whatever kind of paintbrush because i lost all of mine or messed them up. whoooops. speaking of paint, i keep telling myself i should pick up a few bottles, but i always get overwhelmed by all the amazing colors. hahaha.

some scrappiness...

hmihm #19. i went hybrid for this one, too.

this was a really quick one. gotta love them scenic route scrap strips.

a quick digi with a fabulous kit, which was made for a good cause. a few weeks ago, sarah of the designer digitals CT lost her husband to lymphoma. so the designers at DD came up with a collaborative kit, flowers of sarah, and all of the proceeds will benefit christines, a cancer hospital in the UK where sarah's husband spent his last days.

i did this in response to the AE zine challenge. creative confidence. good stuff.

happy birthday to my mama and to my pal judy! :)


So much fun always, it's very great!

And a Joyeux Anniversaire to your mama!

Anonymous said…
Love the scrappage
And the lists.
Could you be any funnier?
nadine said…
80 degrees!? lucky! it's freaking snowing here!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
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linda b. said…
i love that digi page. the colors...
and gerschwin? you old lady =P
i prefer liszt myself. ha!

hey and are you gonna try and make some extra cash? =P

i've been wondering when it's going to cool down too. tomorrow is supposed to be 65. max. yikes. i may need to buy that ki snowman pp.
EK said…
Cute LOs, as always. And is it seriously 80 degrees??
island girl said…
love all your randomness...and your scrappage! love it!
michelleguray said…
I so agree with you on lots of stuff! Basic Grey...x-mas coming so quickly...the weather...ugh the weather. i love your pages and i'm partial to your last one! awesome!
Claire said…
Love this post! Am so jealous of your scrap skills - I keep on meaning to get into it, but I'm aware it's a slippery slope and I'll end up addicted!

Anonymous said…
love the lists. great layouts, as usual!
Anne Thompson said…
Hi there I'm new on blogspot and saw your site on Elsies. I love Elsie too! Also your layouts are really cool! I love the simple design.
Anonymous said…
Love how you tackled {A}'s challenge. :) Nailed this wonderfully!

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