ghost of a good thing.

scrapbook answers is no more :(

it was so sudden. and surprising. SBA was doing well. but they were still considered start-up, and when a company wants to cut costs, well, you get this.

it's unfortunate. not just because i was on their DT. they had something going. they had carved out a niche in the scrapbooking industry. they were different. as alison put it, a "little less minivan pigtails" than everything else.

my best wishes to leslie, corinne, ana, the rest of the team and the DT. you all will be missed.

speaking of sad things - the dodgers are making me sad. BOO HISS.
the a's on the other hand - are making me happy.
but i would rather have the dodgers make it.

so, some scrappy action -

(made using some "stitched" journaling brushes from mary ann wise. to be at DD sunday. really cool stuff)

(can you tell i've been loving the old photos lately?)

oh, and this should be my last post from the 20th century. i'm getting high speed. actually, it was activated today. just need to connect everything.

have a good weekend!! :)


nadine said…
high speed! you are moving up in the world!!!

that's too bad about SBA.
linda b said…
lordy, you're ditching the dial up!! woot! love that green polka dot page. my mom had hair like that too lol.

and dodgers- wtf??? maybe playing at home will help...but they still have to win the next 3. bah.
michelleguray said…
caroline, they're all so good! i love the last one especially! cuuuute!

that was really surprising and sad about SBA :( it was a great mag.
Chris-el-da said…
high speed!
congrats yo!
those pages are nothing but caroline-ish! love them long time!

yeah i liked sba.
i have a sub.
that's sad.
i'm sad

look at you as a baby camera freak!
sarah.b said…
LOVE all these pages, I am soooo bummed about SBA mag but, what can you do, I don't have a million bucks, ya know.
Jocelyn said…
congrats on the upgrade
and yeah that sucks about sba

also. love the layouts.
like looooooooove.
Anonymous said…
so sad about sba too. i sub to it too. you must have done a few layouts for them that might not get pub too:(

great layouts.

i have high speed too just recently:)
Rita said…
awesome amazing pages girly!...and whoo hoo for the high speed. you'll wonder how you ever survived before! sorry about the SBA stuff. blecko news.
amy said…
YEAH! congrats on the high speed!!! :) loving your new LOs, as always!
Christy said…
That's too bad about SBA... bummer!

Love those lo's girlie! You are too talented for words, ya know that? You are! :)
~currant7 said…
sorry to hear about SBA.
happy that you finally have high speed!
keep the LOs cranking! :)

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