the 20th already?

it's friday! this week flew by for some reason. and this whole month is flying by. i can't believe it's almost november.

busy week...had a bunch of homework due yesterday. of course, i ended up procrastinating and let it pile up then really wanted to slap myself for letting it pile up so much. urgh. but i did it and that is that.

been working on a lot of scrappy projects...lots of deadlines next week. not panicking....yet. these are some really fun projects though, so i'm just having a blast with them.

just played with some digi...i feel guilty when i neglect my photoshop and all my awesome DD goodies. so then i just sit down and play. speaking of DD, they're having a sale this weekend! lots of awesome goodies out those papers i used on here.

i'm hosting a chat on saturday at 2 p.m. PST. come join me :) you'll get an awesome freebie!

anyone watch grey's? i wanted to slap derek...wasn't no mcdreamy. hmph. that episode left me wondering about certain who the mchottie that mcdreamy is with (george's words) in the next episode (must be some kind of story behind that one!)...if addison/mark are going back to new york (i want to know the contract situation with those two).'s been a pretty normal week. just taking everything one step at a time.

have a good weekend, everyone :)


xobellaaimox said…
heyy caro! i got really upset watching grey's last night. TBTH, i'm getting a little upset with the mer/der sitch. i mean they barely even talked in the last episode bc the producers must keep finding more and more ways to drag it out. errr. OH, *pure love* for that LO girlie!
nadine said…
i can't wait to see that episode of grey's! and did you see today that george is gay!? not on the show, but the actual character. i love him!
linda b. said…
cute page, your digis are awesome.
...and you know i don't watch grey's. =P~
Anonymous said…
great layout. homework? wat's that?lol. glad you got them done:)

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