what i've been up to...

just a bunch of recent stuff i've been working on :)

(this was inspired by the fantabulous shanah. the CT at designer digitals did an inspiration swap...and i got paired with shanah. i was very inspired by the way she blows up her photos to take up the entire span of her page...i hardly ever enlarge photos. i struggle with enlarged photos (and people complain that 4x6 is hard to work with?!). so it was fun to try something different.

(the rest are crop addict stuff with the october kit!)

this week has been good to me. very good to me.
including some very exciting things.
next month is going to be crazy busy...
but i'm so looking forward to it.

i've got lots of new goodies to play with.

i FINALLY cut my hair today.
it only took me, what? a year? ha.
i'm too lazy to take a pics (plus i'm in PJs)
maybe i'll get one tomorrow...which is my cousin's wedding
(hey i can toast with champagne now!!)
i bought a cuuuuute dress (the navy blue one).

i've got a canker sore. two actually.
i was eating korean BBQ and bit myself
OUCH. it hurts :(

and the dodgers can clinch tomorrow.
i'm pretty sure they will.
tied for the division lead too.
lose padres. come on.
anyways. better get to bed because i have to wake up for above-mentioned wedding.


Vee said…
<3 all of your layouts
they are so fun and pretty
love yor style!
scrapperjen said…
I LOVE your layouts - especially the one with all the buttons.
Oh, the Dodgers, with my Greg Maddux???? ;) Congrats to them - that's great!
nadine said…
whoa crazy lady, you have been on a roll!
Chris-el-da said…
canker sores suck
don't bite them...
Christy said…
Love, love, love all your lo's girlie! They ROCK! Cannot wait to see your new do... be sure to post a pic soon! That dress is ADORABLE - you are going to look so cute! And I'll look past that Dodger comment and let you still by my friend I guess, lol! GO PADRES!!!
Kat said…
love allllllllll your layouts. love love love.
those pics w/the bags on the head are too funny.
canker sores suck
but the padres RULE! ;)
linda b said…
oooh you used tthe brushes you made! love that first page.

and duuuude. the stupid padres won too! let's hope they lose tomorrow and the dodgers win. either way, we go, but i'd like to be the div. winners. =P we so need to get t-shirts if they do.
~currant7 said…
Love all your LOs!
Tawnya said…
WOW WOW WOW! Love all these!
~currant7 said…
Love all of them...especially enlarging the photo to almost 3/4th of your page! :)
Cherry Runway said…
I LOOOOVE the button page! It's stellar!

You have a very fun style. :)

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