officially fall.

and it sure did feel like fall today. cooler weather - cloudy on and off throught the day. don't know how long that's going to last - it seems like it's cold for a few days, then it's back to hot so-cal weather.

i'm a picky one - i don't like hot weather and i don't like cold weather, either. of course everyone loves to remind me that because i live in southern california, i don't know what cold is. well, i've been in snow (i spent a week in the mountains in 6th grade for science camp. and every time i've gone skiing, it's emded up snowing on me in the afternoon!), but that is true. i don't know what "real" weather is. i'd eventually love to live in new york one day...but i'm sure i would have a hard time surviving the seasonal weather.

most of my friends have gone back to school (a handful don't start til monday), and i miss them. it's strange, because for most of them, this is their last year. and i'm sure this time next year will be.....well, even stranger. at least, i'll FINALLY be moving on too.

so this has been a really good week. except for the procrastination of homework from my women's lit class on wednesday (that was definitely NOT good). first there was that cover thing (which isn't that huge a deal for me, but it's cool. way cool). then there was the five layouts scrapbook trends picked up (i guess when i started to remember to attach my files again, they started giving me love). and then i'm the october guest design team member at KMA. way cool. love their existing DT...and i'm stoked to joing them for a month! just started hanging out there recently, and it's a cool little place. oh, and i might be able to get to do what i really, really, really want to do. this would be really, really, really good. we'll see.

so the grey's premiere was yesterday...and all i gotta say is that shonda rimes is genius. the show is brilliant. 'nuff said. i have all these random little thoughts about it, but they're not very cohesive so i'll just leave them inside my head. all i'll say is that mcdreamy made me melt (*sigh*) but i still love finn (*sigh* again), the sight of izzie was heartbreaking, george is hilarious, cristina made me cry, and alex just intrigues me. yep. god, i so love this show.

i leave you with this - a little mini book i did for crop addict. i'm always inspired by the super gorgeous ones that gen and kristina always come up with. the little cosmo cricket minibook thing that came in this month's kit was just the perfect push i needed to make one for myself. so you know how i ate a ton of food in norcal? well, this album is about that.

anyways. hoping to scrap up a storm this weekend. i've been itching to all week.

oh, and looksie! :)

have a good one!! :)


Jocelyn said…
yeah, i started watching grey's too. and great. another show to be addicted to. LOVE your album!!
andie said…
LOVE the mini book!!!
~Jamie said…
love love loving the mini book!
nadine said…
you are a little scrapping genius. love the mini food book! :)
Kat said…
love your little ablum!!! so fun
and yes- grey's ROCKS
Vee said…
love the miniBook too!
calbear said…
just discovered your blog through another blog - love your style! new york city is COLD - i'm a native californian and wanted to live in nyc, but now am stuck here. don't do it!

and yes, grey's is awesome!

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