holy WOW.

first things first, though....i'm a cover girl.

moving right along....

i just got back from the most incredible dodger game of the year.
actually, it was probably the most incredible game that i've ever been to.

to you, the scoreboard probably just shows that this game was a wild one.
a wild one, it was for sure.

but. for the dodgers, this was the biggest game of the year.
this series was the most important of the season.
this series WAS their season.
i believe that the season hung on this one game.
the dodgers had the NL west division lead since august 10. they lost that to the padres sunday.
they NEEDED to win this. not only to get the lead back, but for momentum.

we'd nabbed tickets to this game in july, since it was blanket night, and well, i just love collecting these blankets. little did i know it was going to end up being what it did.

like typical LA fans, linh and i showed up 30 minutes late (we'd eaten at costco and ran into to traffic on the way over to the stadium).
when we got there, it was still the first inning - but the dodgers were already down 4-0.
when we were walking into the gate, they scored one. little by little, they chipped away at that deficit, and it was 4-4 by the third inning.

no action for awhile. it was a slow game. i was getting antsy. bored even.
then. top of the 8th inning. jonathan broxton gives up 2 runs to the padres.
i was miffed. around then, this photographer came around taking fan photos for the dodger website. he took ours. (we'll be on there tomorrow). i was like, "dude. everyone is just going to look depressed."

dodgers scored 1 in the bottom of the 8th.
i thought, okay, so they have a chance.
top 9th - san diego scored 3 runs. dodgers were down 9-5.
i thought, this is just SAD.
a bunch of fans, being the typical LA fans, started to leave around then.
this guy that was sitting next to us was like "you guys are going to miss the comeback. kent, drew, and martin are coming up next."
like everyone else, i thought, yeah right.

but. he was right.
and the people who had left, slowly started coming back.
rick monday said on the post game show that he saw all the cars make u-turns in the parking lot.

back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs by jeff kent, j.d. drew, russell martin, and marlon anderson.
i cheered. loudly. i jumped. every single time. it was crazy. little did i know, there was more to come.

top 10th. padres score a run.
well that's just great, i thought. all that effort for this?
my doubts were quickly reversed when kenny lofton led off the bottom of the 10th with a walk.
up next was nomar garciaparra. on a 3-and-1 count, he connected. and then...

the whole place went insane.
it was so....incredibly unbelievable.
i started screaming like crazy. jumping for joy like a mad fool.
i couldn't believe it. no one could believe it. the whole thing seemed so....imposssible.
everyone started high-fiving each other. cheering wildly. chanting "no-mar, no-mar."
people started taking pictures of the scoreboard. i hadn't thought of it, but i had to.

it was more than one big game in a season, although the dodgers definitely NEEDED to win this one.
it was a defining moment.
it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.
a moment that went down in dodger history.
a moment people are going to be talking about forever, just like steve finley's grand-slam two years ago, or kirk gibson's home run in the 1988 world series.
and i was there.
and i am damn glad that i was.

i got free hooter's wings thanks to the dodgers scoring over 10 runs.
but what that game was is more than that.
it is something i will remember forever.
something i can look back on and say, "i was there."
and i am so thankful that i was.

i am so happy to be a dodger fan right now.
being a dodger fan has so many ups and downs, and this is definitely a huge high.

seriously. tonight was awesome.
and now i have bored all you non-baseball fans to tears, so i am off to bed.


Vee said…
congrats on making the cover!
gboll said…
I found your blog via 2Peas and wanted to read about the Dodgers game. Even though I am a die hard Reds fan I enjoyed reading. It's always exciting to see a game like that no matter who is playing. Glad you got to experience such a great game! Unfortunately the Dodgers were the undoing of the Reds so enjoy it while you can!
Jocelyn said…
aww how fun! i love watching baseball. love it. and how awesome that you were on the cover! frontandcenter baby.
linda b said…
i wish i was there. when nomar hit that homer i was alone at home and i wanted to call you SO BAD!

i went to one game, once. a few yrs ago, and it was so awesome. they hit 4 (or 5?) homers in a ROW! and of course i was in line for food and had to watch it all on the tv from being in line.

but last night's game.... we are SO winning the pennant this yr! i agree, if they had lost, it would've been over. morale would've sucked. cuz you know, they're the dodgers lol. but now they're gonna kick ass til the end of the season and come out on top of the nl w. yes yes yes!

i really really think they clinched it last night. now they just need to officially clinch =P

i'm so sad i couldn't be at the game. but how many games can you go to that are THAT good? maybe once every 5 yrs. unless you are a weirdo who gets season tix and then goes to every single one haha. and i agree, this is so up there w/ the steve finley grand slam.

oh man i am so excited. and it was so cute the way they made a man pile on nomar afterwards. ass slapping and 20 man pile ups. hot.
jamie K said…
dodgers huh?
well whatever...
hee hee
Kristina said…
Congratulations on being a covergirl! ;) That WAS the most awesome game! I saw the highlights of it and was just so excited!! My husband is a HUGE Dodger fan, Caroline! He would haved killed to have been there! You lucky girl, you!! Next time you go you'll have to pick up something for me to give my hubby! ;)
michelleguray said…
you make me want to be a dodgers fan!! very cool! and congrats on the cover! that's also very cool!
RACHEL =) said…
Congrats on making the cover, how awesome is that?!?!?! =)
And the game sounds like tons of fun - there's nothin better than free hooter's wings!!!

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