gotta love norcal.

i really, really fell in love with berkeley. it was just totally not what i was expecting when i heard "hippie." berkeley was so cute - quaint, charming.

i loved the little shops (especially on telegraph), and how there were a lot of little independent places - not very many chains (though they were a few). loved the people, the street vendors, and especially the atmosphere. it was totally chill and casual.

and i ended up really loving the campus. lots of life to it. lots of beautiful old buildings too. just really cool. totally considering transferring there. it's now up there with UCLA and UCSD (i'd applied the last time, but i really had no huge plans of going there).

(this guy is apparently an on-campus celebrity. they call him the "happy happy man")

berkeley also had a bunch of paper stores (paper source, impressions ink, a couple of papyruses, and this place with the most gorgeous handmade japanese paper), including a HUGE scrapbook store in scrapbook territory. i wish i went on the last day instead of the first. so hard to restrain myself. must go back next time.

anyways. what we ended up doing most of our time in norcal - eating. and shopping. but lots and lots of eating. the food up there is just amazing. yummmm. lots of cool little places in berkeley (yay for elaine and linda for knowing of all these places), and then there is the kickass seafood at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. yummmmmmy clam chowder. so good, especially because it was FREEZING there.

(awesome gourmet burgers at barney's. their fries were GOOD too)

(top dog. AWESOME hot dogs)

(crepes. with nutella. are you salivating, yet?)

(bread bowl clam chowder. mmmmm)

the shopping in san francisco is amazing too. every store there is HUGE - 3 floors at gap and forever 21, 4 floors of old navy, a humongous h&m, and a 6-floor macy's men and 8-floor macy's women (which we didn't go to but it's there). it was nuts.

i hadn't been to san francisco in about 10 years, so i loved being there again. i wish i got to spend more time there, though. next time! even though it was COLD. the one thing i didn't like about norcal was the colder weather. awesome in the daytime, but too cold at night. brr.

one of my favorite parts about the trip - going to an a's game! i'm on this quest to go to all the MLB ballparks in my lifetime, AND the a's are my favorite AL team, so this was supercool. mcaffee is small, though (well, they block off a third of the seats). and oakland fans are SO chill compared to LA fans. totally different atmosphere.

(we all have a's gear. we were gonna go to friday's game, so we went to buy tickets, but found out they only had expensive tickets left. on the way back, we saw them selling old merchandise for like $3. so we picked some up)

we went to lawrence lab, which is on this huge hill on campus. there is a viewing area overlooking all of the bay area. unfortunately, it wasn't that clear of a day, so it wasn't a great view, but still cool.

they had these fountains there. we took jumping pics on them. they also had this huge whale thing for kids to climb on. they also had this DNA model-turned-playground equipment. we kept taking pictures, and we basically scared all the kids away. lol.

so yeah. lots of pics. lots of fun. LOVED norcal.


Shirley said…
LOVE all the pictures! Especially the food ones! ;) Well, except the nutella. LOL!
Vee said…
I love San Fran
the city is so awesome
i love visiting!
your pics are awesome!!
Katrina said…
Oh, how fun! I'm so jealous!!! Is that pizza from Blondies???
nadine said…
holy crap that looks fun! love all the pictures!!!

where are the pictures of you and nicole?
Kat said…
such fun pics!
love norcal. grew up there. but now i'm a true so cal gal ;)
but yes, SF has the BEST shopping!!!!!
RACHEL =) said…
Love all the pics, Caroline!!
Wow, you really do always have such a great time, huh?!?!
It all sounds awesome! :)
Michelle W. said…
next time I want to tag along... lol. can I?

San Fran is awesome!!! I'll have to head up there soon!
Alison said…
Love this.
Love your fun.
Your funness.
YOur funnity.
Sarah said…
ooh, love San Francisco!!!
Sounds like you had a great time!!!
Christy said…
Love looking at all your pics... looks like you guys had a blast! I've been dying to go back and visit San Fransisco... hopefully someday soon!
Jessica F said…
I absolutely LOVE San Francisco and that area. If it wasn't so cold and foggy I'd move in a heartbeat. I love your shot at night of the street- amazing! TFS
michelleguray said…
oh it looks like you had such a great time!! fun, fun pictures! and next time i go up there i must check out that scrap store!
maggie Holmes said…
looks like so much fun - and yes, i am hungry now! lol!
Lana said…
What F!U!N!!!! And you got some awesome photos too!!! :) Can't wait to see them scrapped! :)
Beck said…
I just came back from a vacation to San Francisco. I also had crepes with Nutella and strawberries! Looks like you had a blast!
Tara in AZ said…
Great photos. I'm from the Bay area, although I'm momentarily stuck out in the desert. Must find a way back to Berkeley!! I love the 2nd hand book stores near the univ. the best. Very cool pics of food, glad you had a good time.
EK said…
Wow that looks so fun! Now I want to go there!!
Jocelyn said…
these pictures are amazing.
so bright. and fun. and you.
linda b. said…
awesome pics. we went to the lawrence museum too and the view of the bay is nice.

and did you guys go to the cheeseboard in berkeley? they make the best florentines!
PROLIX said…
merci for making discovering me your country where you live.
as I can't travel, it allows me to "visit" it into another way!
that's so cool!!!

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