cool things.

you know. like this and this.

this kit is just the coolest thing ever and i just NEED to play with it. it also has an accompanying brush set, which is equally cool. and this is the cutest thing EVER. lots of cool new stuff coming sunday too. lots to play with, yay!

i've been scrapping my little butt off this week - the mojo has been a'flowing. especially the 2 page mojo, for the CK birthday call. been enjoying them 2-pagers. wha?! i never thought i would EVER say that. let's just say it's FUN to push yourself out of your comfort zone every once in awhile. fun stuff. also been diving straight into next month's crop addict kit. let's just say, it's a whole lotta good stuff in one place. love it.

rocking out to new music. j.timberlake and plain white t's! i wanted the john mayer too, but it was sold out. boo hiss. j.t. is sexy fo sho. and i haven't fallen in LOVE with the PWT's CD but it is cute, and i do like it. so i think it's a matter of time. lol.



linda b said…
damn you woman i was gonna go to bed early today. i need to stop turning on gmail =P~

and jt..... =P i feel so ashamed lol.
Rita said…
Congrats on all the Pea~love this week Caroline!! You sure are rockin' that place with your amazing work. :)
nadine said…
i think i could listen to sexy back on repeat for like a day straight. i seriously feel like walking around telling people i'm bringing sexy back.
jill said…
Congrats on digi girl of the week! You rock the digi for sure.
Christy said…
Congratulations girlie! I always knew you were going to be famous! :)
debbie said…
Caroline, you so ROCK!!!! Congratulations on the digi girl gig and the veggie lift.
Yummmm ... J.T and John Mayer :)
amy said…
OH CONGRATS on digi gal of the week!!!! YIPPIE! you so deserve it. you rock.

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